Boy Meets World

Season 3 Episode 2

The Double Lie

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 29, 1995 on ABC

Episode Recap

After uber-desirable Veronica Watson breaks up with her boyfriend, Shawn seizes the opportunity to ask her out before all the other boys get a chance. Unfortunately, as Cory and Jonathan remind him, Jonathan is going out of town for his buddy's wedding, and Shawn will be staying at the Matthews' house the night of the date. This is disastrous, due to Cory's household's ten o'clock curfew and the likelihood of many family members to be around. Shawn tries to go ahead with the date--a make-out session on the Matthews couch--but soon he and Veronica are surrounded by family members, cramping their style.

Alan takes Veronica home but Shawn isn't satisfied. His hormones are a-ragin' and, he claims, he's used up all the cold water. He decides to break out of the Matthews house (through a series of freak coincidences, through the front door) and rescue Veronica from the oppressive state of not being on a date with him. He decides to take her to the perfect place: the empty Turner apartment. But when he and Veronica arrive there, they catch Jonathan on the couch, making out with his own date, Kris.

As Kris discretely leaves with Veronica, Jonathan yells at Shawn for taking a date to an empty apartment. Shawn begins to apologize, but then realizes that old Johnny has just as much reason to be in the doghouse: after all, he lied about going to a wedding.

Shawn runs away again and Jonathan goes to the Matthews house, where he discovers that Mr. Feeny is screwing his dentist, and Alan is preparing for a romantic bath with Amy. Shaking off the effects of the love epidemic which is apparently sweeping through Philadelphia, Alan gives Jonathan some parenting advice, and a pacified Turner returns to the apartment to find Shawn waiting for him. They apologize to each other and explain that they ran their scams because they feel closed in by the small apartment and lack of alone-time. They promise to be more honest with each other about their romantic endeavors.

Meanwhile, Eric tries to hire a term-paper writing service, but is thwarted when Cory switches his purchased paper with an old one of Shawn's entitled "Abraham Lincoln: The Best Beard in History."

(Recap by Laura)