Boy Meets World

Season 3 Episode 2

The Double Lie

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 29, 1995 on ABC

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  • Shawn has a date, Turner is going out of town, so Shawn will be dating under the Matthews' Rules... This has hilarity written all over it

    This episode is great. I love the beggining when Shawn and Cory watch Veronica dump her boyfriend with commentary. It is quite a reminder of what drama occured during High School. Shawn snags the date and then we deal with Shawn's inability to listen to to adults. Fantastic, it is finally explained that Shawn hears a loud buzzing when adults talked, I would have imagined it being a peanuts warble. Feeny says he enjoys a trip to the dentist... Creepy much?

    Eric hasn't turned in a term paper from last year? How did he move on to the next grade? I'm a bit confused, but since when did the world of BMW have to make sense never I suppose.

    Eric and Cory fight because Eric doesn't give him a message. Eric mocks Cory and Eric for spending too much time together. Cory actually makes a plan that sounds like it will work to keep the 'rents out of the house. He cancels their reservations. But of course it has to backfire because this is the way the universe works.

    A Great Scene when Shawn goes to sneak out, and he comes up with the most elaborate escape route, and Cory suggests that Shawn use the front door, it's such a wierd concept for Shawn. When Turner is caught in the lie it of course ends in a moral lesson. That everyone must be honest with each other. Turner has to learn how to deal with Shawn being in his life.

    When Cory pranks Eric by switching the paper that eric turns into Feeny, we learn that you should treat your younger brother with respect or you'll regret it.

    Great Episode.