Boy Meets World

Season 5 Episode 13

The Eskimo

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 16, 1998 on ABC

Episode Recap

Cory and Shawn, stricken with severe "senioritis", can't understand why Mr. Feeny insists on giving them hard assignments. There's really nothing left for them to learn...right? Besides, Cory has already sent in his college applications. However, even though Cory filled his out for him, Shawn hasn't sent in his applications. He despairs that he's never going to get into college anyway, because there are just too many things in his way (finances, required effort etc.).
Feeny is irate and demands that Shawn turn in a missed assignment by the end of the day. Shawn says that the task is as impossible as coming up with Super Bowl tickets. Keying on this, Mr. Feeny tells Shawn that his new assignment is to obtain Super Bowl tickets by the end of the week, or fail. When Topanga protests, Feeny assigns her the task of staying out of other peoples business for one week,or failing. In turn...Cory must help them both succeed, or he too fails.
Shawn enters a contest held by a local radio station. He has a chance to win Super Bowl tickets; all he has to do is stand on a billboard balcony, in the freezing cold, longer than all the other contestants. He all outlasts all but one contestant, who happens to be an Eskimo on summer vacation. Shawn drops out of the contest. He relates his experience on the billboard to his own life. "There's always going to be an Eskimo standing in my way."
The boys think they have Mr. Feeny figured out: He just wanted them to learn a lesson; if somethings impossible, they should still try. "You have no idea what I want," Mr. Feeny maintains. "Get the tickets or fail."
After returning to the billboard to think, Shawn realizes his defeatist attituted is what has been holding him back. "I'm my own worst Eskimo," he realizes. Tickets be damned, Shawn decides to leave for San Diego, and the Super Bowl. Cory tries to stop him, but he backs off when Shawn appears dead-set.
Cory relates what happened to Mr. Feeny. As it turns out, both Shawn and Cory passed. Mr. Feeny wanted Cory to realize that Shawn will only succeed if he is able to do things on his own.
Meanwhile, Eric and Jack finally land second dates with girls (Jill and Carol) who have the same interests as they do. The only problem is that Jack's girl is perfect for Eric and vice versa. They try to switch, but when the girls figure out what's going on, they declare they wanted relationships with people different from them them. "I spend all day with me, you seemed like fun," Jill tells Eric. "I guess now we'll never know." The girls leave and the boys, chalking it up to a lesson learned, move on.