Boy Meets World

Season 1 Episode 17

The Fugitive

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 25, 1994 on ABC

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  • Shawn blows up a mailbox with a cherry bomb and refuses to go home so he takes refuge in Cory's house.

    I say, Shawn is quite agile when it comes to climbing out windows and being out on the roof.

    I got a question though, when everything went black at the end, why did the phone lose its connection? The phone and electricty are two totally different things. Of course, if he put 26 bills in the box when it was blown up I guess my question seems kind of pointless.

    I have to give Cory credit for standing up to Shawn at the end too. He gives up at least 4 inches to him doesn't he?

    And when Shawn got up and left after the lights went out that had to be the funniest part of the episode.
  • Great episode!

    Shawn lights a cherry bomb and blows up a mailbox. He is scared to go home, so he hides out at Cory’s house. It is extremely hard for Cory to keep this a secret. Mr. Feeny sees Shawn sneak into Cory’s house so he tells Alan and Amy. They tell Shawn’s parents, but they let Cory and Shawn think that they don’t know. Shawn learns that he can always go home even if he does something extremely bad.

    I liked this episode mostly because it taught that you should always tell your parents if you do something wrong. You don’t have to be afraid. I do think that Cory was a great friend to Shawn and I really enjoyed this episode. 10 out of 10!
  • shawn blows off a cherry bomb in the mailbox near alans grocery store and comes to cory for coverage

    when shawn sets off a cherry bomb and it blows up in the mailbox by alans grocery store, he comes running to the matthews house, telling cory to hide him because he cant go home since his parents would get really mad at him. cory tries to hide shawn, but amy and alan find him eventually and he must keep trying to escape. he eventually ends up back home
  • Cory must choose between his loyalty to his friend and his desire to do the right thing when Shawn asks him to stow him away secretly after Shawn blows up the mailbox outside Alan's story with a cherry bomb.

    This episode is the first real introduction to "Shawn as the bad boy" theme of the show. Shawn is presented as a character who could "go either way" as it were--he has the chance of falling into dangerous behavior and essentially becoming a criminal, or he can make the right choices, listen to the positive influences of Cory, the Matthews, and Mr. Feeny and rise above his broken home and questionable upbringing to be a good man.

    In this episode, we see Cory as torn between whether or not to help Shawn escape or to "turn him in" to his parents and get him rehabilitated. In short, this episode is the beginning of a long series that could have been titled "Cory Helps Shawn Not Screw Up His Life."