Boy Meets World

Season 3 Episode 12

The Grass is Always Greener

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 12, 1996 on ABC

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  • Cory is tired of dating Topanga and goes to another school dance where they mistake him for Shawn and all the girl flaunt over him. News spread that a French girl is their and as Cory starts to talk to her he is suprised that is actually Topanga.

    This is a good episode because this is the first (of many) of Cory and Topanga's break-ups. This episode show that the two lovers are still young, and need to get out with other people more. When I was watching this episode I thought about how upset Topanga would be if/when she found out. This episode let you know what Topanga was feeling, which earlier episodes have lacked. I was sad, when the two decided to take a break but, the show would have been alot more boring if there weren't your ups and downs...your rollercouster of emotions. This episode seems to be alot about the title of the show... "Boy Meets World".
  • Cory thinks that his relationship with Topanga is becoming boring, so he goes out with Shawn, feigning that is him. He is enjoying his role when he discover that Topanga is there, also pretending to be someone else.

    This is one of my favourite episodes in the entire series. It begins funny, like any other episode, until we see the "hot french girl" at the party, who is no one but Topanga. Then, the episode becomes one of the saddest, when they decide to break up and stay friends. What makes it so sad is that, just after leaving, in opposite ways, both realize that what they did could be a mistake, and both returns... but missed each other. The image of Cory, sitting alone, is heartbreaking, and the final scene, with the song "All I know" (one of my favourite nostalgic-songs since then) is so beautiful and well done that makes me cry. That scene reveals exactly what Topanga and Cory are, their story... and, in the end, when they look at each other, we know that what they did is a mistake, and that they know too... but it's done.
    Heartbreaking, but, in my opinion, necessary to show them what they need and what they want.
  • Cory & Topanga break up.

    Well this was another episode that dealt with relationship problems, Cory & Topanga are in a rut & Cory wants to do something about it. Shawn invites him to a club to have some fun which he hasn't had in a long time, so they go but people mix him up for Shawn so now the girls are all over him, when he sees Topanga acting french, he knows what he has to do, they should break up so they can stay friends, but what they don't know is it could be a mistake, which they acknowledge moments later, the clips at the end of Cory & Topanga were so sad, that was a tearjerker, the subplot with Eric was pretty good too, a bright side of this episode, him only being good at Math when he plays cards. A great episode which is a start of a whole new episode arc!
  • The relationship ends...

    Cory and Topanga seem like an old couple as they do boring stuff like watch chick flicks and make muffins. Shawn suggests that Cory should take a night off from Topanga and go to a party with him. It turns out that Topanga cancels her date to spend time with her friends. When Cory and Shawn get to the pary, everyone thinks that Cory is really Shawn so the girls all flock to Cory. There's a French girl at the party and Shawn suggests that Cory go check her out. It's really Topanga! Cory and Topanga talk and decide to break up. I can't believe it! It's so sad because after they break up, they both come running back but at the wrong time. They barely miss each other! That's so sad. I did enjoy this episode so I will give it a 10!
  • Cory decides to back out on Topanga to go to another high school\'s dance.

    Cory and Topanga have been going out for five months, and they feel their relationship is at a standstill. They\'ve spent their last dates watching chick flicks, making jam, and going to the mall. Cory decides that it would benefit him to go to another high school\'s dance instead of his date with Topanga on Friday night. It turns out that Topanga wanted to go out with her girlfriends instead too. Cory and Shawn arrive at Hamilton High\'s \"Jungle Tonight\" dance and people mistake Cory for Shawn. Cory is getting all the girls and Shawn is watching as a spectator. Cory seems to enjoy this new on-the-edge lifestyle and wishes he could always live like that. Then, Shawn catches word that a hot French girl is at the party so he sends Cory off on a mission to find her and speak to her. When Cory finds the French girl, she turns around. To Cory\'s surprise, the French girl is Topanga Lawrence. They are both very shocked to see one another. Cory and Topanga go outside to talk about their relationship. They both agree that their relationship has no mystery any more and they both care about each other but make the decision to break up. After they walk away only saying, \"Bye\" they both regret the break-up. First, Topanga runs back, but Cory isn\'t there. Then, Cory comes back, but Topanga isn\'t there. This demonstrates the love Cory and Topanga share for each other.
    Personally, I think that the sequence in the classroom with the \"All I Know\" song (by Art Garfunkel) in the background is very touching. It shows all the times Topanga and Cory have leaned on each other, and it serves a very appropriate ending to this milestone episode.
  • If you have seen any episodes after this one you will enjoy this episode.

    This episode like most of "Boy Meets World" has several storylines. One follows Eric, and the other follows Cory and Shawn. This is one of those episodes that shows the Eric is not a dumb as he acts, or that we believe.

    The storyline with Cory and Shawn turns sad when Topanga enters, but we all know how it ends. Since we all know the end, we can enjoy the middle.