Boy Meets World

Season 3 Episode 15

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 02, 1996 on ABC

Episode Recap

Shawn enjoys a make-out date of sorts, with nice-girl Dana Pruitt. He asks her on another date; but when she suggests activities that he has no interest in, she thinks that another date isn't a good idea. Shawn is surprised and a little confused, but he's even more confused when Dana seeks a date with Cory.

Cory is wary at first but Shawn says he doesn't mind, so he decides to give it a shot. Shawn waits in Cory's kitchen for him to come home and detail his experience. Cory says that he had a good time but it wasn't anything serious. Shawn asks him if he kissed her and Cory says "no". Cory begins to realize how much Shawn really likes Dana and he encourages him to try again for that second date

Shawn does try again but Dana still isn't interested. "You're real cute and everything, Shawn, but face it; with your reputation you're just not boyfriend material," she says, bluntly. Shawn realizes that girls are reluctant to have him as a boyfriend because they're afraid he'll eventually get bored and move on. He knows he feels differently about Dana; and Cory and Mr. Turner encourage him to be honest with her.

Remembering her mention she liked picnics; Shawn puts together a makeshift picnic outside of Chubbie' the freezing cold of winter. When Dana shows up, Shawn tells her his feelings. All he wants is a second chance to prove he really cares about her. Flattered by this, and touched by the fact that he remembered her affinity for picnics, Dana says yes to a second date.

Meanwhile, Eric applies for an internship at a news station. His grades and resume are not nearly good enough to compete with the other applicants, and the interviewer is not impressed. After the interview, he pours out his problems to a janitor. He says he would do the job better than anyone else because he needed it more; and the reason he didn't tell the interviewer was because he was too busy choking. It turns out the man he mistook for a janitor, was actually the station manager. Impressed, he tells Eric he's hired.
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