Boy Meets World

Season 3 Episode 9

The Last Temptation of Cory

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 01, 1995 on ABC

Episode Recap

Now that Cory and Topanga are dating, it seems that girls are flirting with Cory more than usual. Shawn tells him that this is a product of "The Scent". "They can't have you, they want you more," he informs Cory.

While Topanga is sick at home, Cory is paired up with Missy Robinson for a project. Missy invites Cory to a party at her house that night and tells him to bring Shawn. When Cory relays this information to Topanga, she tells him he should go and have a good time. He agrees but he promises to be back at nine with ice cream for her.

When Cory and Shawn arrive at the party, they discover that it's only Missy and another girl. "Surprise!" they say. Shawn goes upstairs with the other girl, leaving Cory along with Missy, who flirts heavily. At nine, Cory remembers his promise to Topanga and takes a phone into the closet to call her. When he hangs up, Missy kisses him. He tries to tell her that he loves Topanga but is cut off when Missy's father comes home.

Shawn and Cory leave quickly and head to Chubbie's to pick up Topanga's ice cream. Topanga arrives at Chubbie's, after waiting for Cory at home. Guilt-ridden, Cory tells her what happened. She is upset and he assures her it was an accident and that he loves her. She tells him not to do it again and everything seems okay; except she kisses him, making him sick with what she had.

Meanwhile, Mr. Feeny fakes an injury to trick Mr. Williams in to pledging 50 dollars a mile, for a walk-a-thon.
Meanwhile pt. 2: Eric buys a signed picture of professional baseball player, "Beanbag Bagwell", who is only 2 hit-by pitches away from the all-time record. His investment is all for naught, however, as Bagwell retires before the final blow.