Boy Meets World

Season 3 Episode 9

The Last Temptation of Cory

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 01, 1995 on ABC

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  • Cory cheats on Topanga.

    The lesson learned in this episode is don't fall in to temptation & in this episode the temptation was Missy Robinson. Anyways I really liked this episode because Boy Meets World never had relationship problems, but Season 3 really opened that plot up. Cory cheats on Topanga, you thought you would never see the day. I love when Cory reveals to Topanga that he kissed Missy, & she totally freaks! She gladly forgave him but made him terribly ill & made him suffer for 2 weeks. Trini was hilarious in this episode, it's kind of Trini's fault though since she kind of made Cory partner up with Missy, a hilarious episode.
  • Great episode!

    Topanga is sick, so Cory offers to get ice cream for her. Missy takes a liking to Cory and invites him to a party that she is having. Cory and Shawn go only to find out that the party is just Cory, Missy, Shawn, and another girl. Missy tries to seduce Cory and she kisses him. Then he and Shawn leave and he feels awful. As he is going to get the ice cream at Chubbie’s, Topanga arrives and he tells her what happened. Eric buys a signed picture of the worst baseball player ever! He is hoping to make cash because after he gets hit in the head two more times, the picture will be priceless! Mr. Feeny cons Mr. Williams into giving $500 for charity. This was a great episode about trust and honesty. I’m glad that Cory didn’t take Shawn’s advice and not tell Topanga. Then everything would have gone so wrong! Trini was hilarious! I really like her character! I can’t believe Mr. Feeny tricked Eli! Well, this episode rocked, so I give it a 10!
  • topanga gets sick and cory gets hit on

    over all this was a pretty good episode, it had some good jokes in it but it also delivered a good message about human nature. some good points i like about this episdode was sean's "the sent", i also really liked feeny in this episode he was very wicked in this one, i also thought that cory telling hes life story was funny, to bad we didn't get to hear all of it tho. i was really disapointed when cory kissed that other girl and was very happy when he redemed heself when he told topanga that he kissed someone eles. the best part tho was when eric got his name wrong, lol what a classic eric momment.
  • Topenga is sick, and home-wrecker Missy Robinson tries to have her way with Cory. For shame Missy. For shame.

    In this classic episode of Boy Meets World, Topenga is at home sick, and other girls flock to Cory. Cory just doesn’t know what to do. In other news, Eric is up to his old silly tricks, and Mr. Feeny likes manipulating people of color for his own schemes.

    The plot thickens when Missy invites Cory to a seduction party. How awkward. Unfortunately, she traps him in a closet, and tries to have her way with him. When Missy kisses Cory, he feels so guilty that he can’t keep his horrible secret from the woman he loves. But Topenga gets back at Cory by infecting him with her horrible illness. All’s well that end’s well.
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