Boy Meets World

Season 3 Episode 17

The Pink Flamingo Kid

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 16, 1996 on ABC

Episode Recap

Mr. Williams thinks that Cory has talent with a video camera, so he encourages him to enter a news contest for high school students. Cory has to decline, however, because he has already promised Shawn that he would help him make a birthday video to send to his father.
Cory's introduction to the extended Hunter family is rocky at first, but everything turns out alright and the boys go home to watch the tape for themselves.
While watching the tape, the boys discover the trailer park bully, Eddie, walking around in the background with a computer. When Cory realizes that the computer is probably stolen, he is excited; he can enter the news contest after all. Shawn objects to handing over a tape of his family and asks Cory to back off. Cory is single minded at this point and says he's going to enter the tape anyway. Angry, Shawn rips the tape out of the cassette.
Now Cory is angry and he thinks that Shawn is jealous of him. Shawn tells Cory he was doing him a favor, and he is upset by Cory's threat to return to the trailer park to film more crimes. The two get so upset with each other that they begin to fight in the middle of the school hallway.
After their fight and subsequent detention, Cory leaves in a huff for the trailer park. Mr. Feeny talks to a frustrated Shawn, who says you can only count on your family. Mr. Feeny points out that sometimes your friends are your family.
At the trailer park, Cory gets into trouble when he runs into Eddie again. Just as Cory is about to receive a beating, Shawn shows up and tells Eddie to leave or he'll call the cops. When it is revealed that Eddie is actually Shawn's half-brother, Cory understands why Shawn didn't want him to turn in the tape. He offers the tape to Shawn, who tells him he should enter the contest. He's not interested in protecting Eddie anymore because Cory is his real family.
Meanwhile, Feeny is selling antiques, so Eric decides to get his own junk appraised. Alan, never one to waste an opportunity, gets Eric to clean out the garage and attic. Afterward, the parents tell Eric he's the victim of a scam: the cost of the appraisal will be more than the value of whatever he can sell. But Eric gets $4,000 selling an old Kabuki mask--that turns out to be Feeny's. Eric has to hand over all the money, but Amy pays him for cleaning the basement and attic, so he breaks even.