Boy Meets World

Season 3 Episode 17

The Pink Flamingo Kid

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 16, 1996 on ABC



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    • Cory: Your uncle's insane.
      Shawn: It was an option, but he never pleaded that way.
      Cory: Look, I just think the tape would be better if we got the family to, you know, talk a little more.
      Uncle Mike: Hey. You want a Hunter to talk? Put 'em in a situation where they're not afraid to talk.
      (scene switches to Cory behind the camera)
      Cory: Action!
      (the Hunter family is lined up in the dark using voice disguisers)
      Hunter Family: Happy birthday, Chet, from all the Hunters here at this undisclosed location.
      Cory: Okay. I'm, I'm gonna turn the camera off, all right? I'm not going for my pocket.

    • Shawn: Well, family's really important to the Hunters. You know, my dad always said, "Where there's family, there's place to hide."

    • Alan: How much are they gonna charge you to appraise this stuff?
      Eric: Sixty dollars. Yeah, but you see I already had seventy in my wallet so it looks like I've already made 10 bucks.

    • Mr. Feeny: That junky, old lamp is worth over 800 dollars.
      Eric: With out a light bulb? Pshaw.

    • Eric: Four thousand dollars! I'm a millionaire! I'm a millionaire!

    • Mr. Feeny: Let's not call it "detention". I prefer "Hooked on Feeny".

    • Mr. Feeny: You don't have to be blood, to be family.

    • Cory (after Eddie smashes his camera): That is property of John Adams High, my friend. I'm gonna need some names and addresses.
      Eddie: My name is You're Dead; and I live at the corner of Fist and Face.

    • Eric: So I said to myself, 'Kyle...'
      Alan: Kyle?
      Eric: That's what I call myself.

    • Feeny: Come along, Mr. Matthews! Don't dawdle.
      Eric: I'm not dawdling, I'm just not wearing any underwear.

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  • Allusions

    • Mr. Feeny: Let's not call it detention. I prefer Hooked On Feeny.

      Hooked On Feeny is an allusion to Hooked On Phonics, a commercial brand of educational materials.

    • Shawn: It'd be like Court TV without the Court.

      Court TV is a television network that deals with crimes. Today it is known as truTV.

    • Title: The Pink Flamingo Kid

      This references the 1984 Garry Marshall film, The Flamingo Kid.