Boy Meets World

Season 1 Episode 20

The Play's the Thing

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 29, 1994 on ABC

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  • Good episode.

    This episode is great for a season one episode. Minkus is hilarious as he practices for the role of Hamlet and even after he takes over the part from Cory. He practices the lines with a Scandinavian accent and with an American Southern accent. Then, when he is Hamlet, he does the part without his glasses, which causes him to face the wrong way on stage and even to fall off the stage.
    This episode is about not backing out when people count on you. Cory backs out of being Hamlet because he does not want to wear tights. He learns the lesson through his dad having to take a paycut at work. His dad can't back out of it, even though he is the manager of the grocery store.
    Everyone was counting on Cory to be Hamlet and things changed when Minkus had to play the part, being that he was the only other person who knew the lines.
  • In drama, they are doing the play Hamlet. Cory lands the lead role but quits when he sees the costume. He then learns that quiting is selfish.

    This episode was pretty good. I did think Cory was being selfish but he always has that attitude. I can't believe he got the lead role. Minkus is so funny. I loved when he was trying out the different dialects for his role and then did the scandanavian one. It was also funny when the dad dropped the melon and was pretending it was his boss. I thought it was pretty weird when Mr. Feeny was talking to Cory and then turned out the lights. i thought this episode had a good ending. Cory pushes everyone off the stage and starts dancing.
  • Cory is cast to play Hamlet in the school play

    When Cory is cast to play Hamlet in the school play, he is excited at first. But then, when the acting he has to do seems to strange to him, he quits. Mr. Feeny tries to get Cory to get back into the play, but he refuses. As a last resort, Mr. Feeny hands the role of Hamlet over to Minkus, who is a terrible actor. (though it seemspretty forced how bad Minkus is). When Cory gets the job of a spear carrier instead and sees how bad Minkus is at acting, he tries to win the role back, but Mr. Feeny denies Cory this time. Cory learns not to give up.
  • Good!

    Mr. Feeny assigns the class roles for the school play. Cory is picked for Hamlet but he refuses. Cory is then replaced by Minkus. Cory realizes that wearing tights and Shakespeare isn’t all bad. He tries to get back his role, but Mr. Feeny says that it’s too late. Cory must play a spear-carrier. The Matthews vacation plans are cancelled because Alan’s pay was cut by 5% along with the other employees. They usually have an annual miniature golf game: Alan and Cory VS Amy and Eric. Since they can’t go, Alan makes a course in the backyard.

    This was a great episode! I thought that Cory found that not all old or seemingly insignificant roles could be very important. I give this episode a 9.0!