Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 13

The Provider

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 07, 2000 on ABC

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  • perfect

    What I liked: Eric thinking Rachel was seducing him for his 'lucky penny', Eric asking the football player if it is a distraction being gay (and then the revelation he IS gay), Cory and Topanga having their first marriage fight, Eric giving Cory his lucky penny, and then getting struck by lightning (inside), amongst other things.

    Good episode. I liked the seriousness of it, especially the last few minutes, and as usual, Eric was pretty hilarious with his lucky penny. Great episode. A+ grade
  • Eric: I see what you're doing. You're trying to seduce me for my penny. Rachel: You caught me, I'm hot for your penny. If you had a nickel, I'd probably marry you. That's how badly I want you! Eric: Dude, give me a nickel

    Eric really makes this episode. His lucky penny is hilarious and because it is Eric it ends up both tragic and hilarious. When Jack tries to get him to use it for evil, he refuses, and in the end he tries to be a good older brother and gives it to Cory only to end up struck by lightening. Eric is the funniest part of this show and he is so unbelievalbly hilarious in all parts of this episode and because of him whenever I see a penny on the ground I pick it up, because for all I know it is a lucky penny. The parts with Cory are funny too, but that penny gets me every time.
  • One of my favorites!

    Cory gets a job as a magazine salesman. Topanga gets a job as assisstant manager for a magazine company. Cory gets angry because Topanga always does better than him. They have their first fight. Eric finds a lucky penny! He gives it to Cory, when Cory is about to go and talk to Topanga. They work everything out.

    This was a wonderful episode! I loved Eric's luck! He is so funny! I liked Cory's tone of voice when he was talking on the phone. I thought that the lightning thing looked really fake, but that's what makes it funny! I loved this episode and I give it a 10!
  • 10.0 Perfect "Personal favorite" The Provider- a 7th BMW season ep focusing on how our young hero couple Cory and Topanga, try to add work place experience to their already wedded and college incumbered young lives.

    Perfect "Personal favorite"

    The Provider- a 7th season BMW ep focusing on how our young hero couple Cory and Topanga , now married try to add work place experiences to their already wedded and college incumbered young lives. Very well done, great editing and direction too. While actually the Provider is not my single personal favorite ep of the entire series, this finale season entry is one of my many favorites. The episode while having some of that increased ultra silliness of the final season ( ie, Eric losing a lucky penny and being struck by lightning ), also hits the proverbial nail right on the head! The episode incapsulates all of Cory's insecurities in relation to his charming young wife in one neat little package. Cory gets a job hawking magaziines via the telephone. Topanga gets a better job with a fashion editor. For Cory , that Topanga's constantly outdoing him , is the norm in his life, and this sudden sequence of events is only further affirmation of that. What follows is a series of mostly serious laden vignetes with Cory alternately yelling at Topanga at home,and at the campus hangout both belittling her accomplishments and self berating his own failure, including selling the earlier mentined magazines. The fighting scenes are great, the dialog seeming so realistic for a young couple in love but adjusting to the reality of young marriage. The scenes later in the episode as Cory and Topanga fight at home are priceless because of the way they are edited and directed. The scenes seem to flawlesy time lapse into one another as diffent contuing later and later intervals of Cory and Topanga's " fight". The payoff of great direction of fighting, interweaved with nice physical affection comes at the conclusion when Cory and Topanga realize they are not competing. Rather our champion pair are Team Matthews and thus all marital harmony and bliss are restored- for this week anyway! The tag ending with Lightning bolt burnt " Eric, smoldering while asking for his lucky penny back are of course silly, but I guess thrown in by the last season as good measure, for the I suppose rapidly declining younger target audience watching the show. Great overall episode, very overlooked. Posted Mar 7, 2007 8:17 am PST
  • Cory deals with his insecurity of Topanga being "better" than him and accuses her of killing his spirit.

    Awww... Cory and Topanga's first fight as husband and wife! Cory wasn't the only one being annoyed by Topanga's "perfection", especially when Topanga corrected him on his grammar (good vs. well, ugh I hate when my mom does that to me). I found it heartbreaking when Cory told Topanga that she killed his spirit. The fight was also realistic in the sense that it was very multidemensional and had its ups and downs. It was sweet how they made up at the end and resolved their issues and I was happy for Cory.. he actually sold a magazine! In my opinion the actors showed a lot of depth in this episode.
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