Boy Meets World

Season 6 Episode 21

The Psychotic Episode

Aired Friday 8:30 PM May 07, 1999 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Topanga is wearing the same dress in Cory's dream in this episode that she wears at their actual wedding in season 7.  How did Cory subconsciously know what her dress was going to look like?

    • In one of Cory's dreams, the class is studying Hamlet. In Mr. Feeny's sixth grade class, the class play, in which Cory was originally to star, was selected scenes from Hamlet.

    • Cory is left-handed.

  • Quotes

    • Eric: That's a dead bird!
      Adam (offended): Not to me!

    • Cory: Every time I fall asleep, I dream that I kill Shawn. Now, what kind of person am I that would want my best friend dead?
      Mr. Feeny: Well, now, you know you don't want Shawn dead.
      Cory: Oh, how do you know who I want dead?

    • Adam (talking to his stuffed parrot): Polly want a cracker?
      Eric: Polly want an autopsy!

    • Shawn: I turn off the lights and I hear him moving around in the dark like a rat. I wake up the next morning; the closets are reorganized, my shorts are ironed and my hair's been moussed.

    • Cory: It was raining. You had a new umbrella. You let me take a look at it; and then, I shoved it down your throat! And I opened it.
      Shawn (disturbed): You opened it?
      Cory: Oh Shawn, I Mary-Poppined ya.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Roomate/Mother's voice: Mom I would like you to meet my new roommate. Is he a good boy?

      Eric's new roommate walks into the back room and talks to his mom using his own voice, referring back to the movie Psycho.

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