Boy Meets World

Season 2 Episode 12

The Turnaround

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 16, 1994 on ABC

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  • Great!

    It's the Turnaround dance, where the girls ask the guys! Cory is daydreaming and accidentally says yes to a nerd, Ingrid. He and Shawn make her cool and she dumps Cory for a cool guy. Shawn gets asked by the third coolest girl in school. Cory is asked by the coolest girl in school, but he misunderstands her and is dumped by her too! Ingrid realizes that she wasn't meant to be cool and apologizes to Cory, then a cool guy asks her to dance and Cory is blown off again! Alan and Amy have the house to themselves, except they fall asleep the whole time!

    This was a sad episode. I felt sad that Cory was dumped three times for one dance! This episode was great and I give it a 10!