Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 15

The War (1)

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 11, 2000 on ABC

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  • Great episiode.

    I Like this episode a lot because it starts out like a lot of episodes in the season. Cory and Topanga, Shawn and angela are all together, while Rachel comes walking in really pissed off. Once again it is the result of Cory and Shawn's behavior and they are banned from the dorm. Topnaga leaves them behind, and the two skulk out of the room in shame. The boys strike back by putting her VW in her room. The next part is classic Boy Meets World, Whe Rachel complains to Feeny he loves it, and makes jokes along with the guys. I love this part, because we get to see a rare fun loving side of feeny. The prank war is on, and now it is time to pick sides. the part where eric is trying to open the can like a jar is sooo hilarious. After some sweet talking by rachel the sides are formed with the origanls: cory, shawn, and topanga against the newbies: Jack, rachel, and angela, with eric left "playing both sides". The newbies strike first with superglue on the chair and honey on the head. Followed by a bear, which looks real at first until you see the zipper. The boys strike back without telling topanga and go to far. They hang a picture of rchel up, that she gave to jack, that he showed shawn, who tricked angela into letting him inside the dorm, to get the picture from under rachel's bed. This causes everyone to hate each other and to be continued flashes across the screen.