Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 6

They're Killing Us

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 29, 1999 on ABC

Episode Recap

Cory and Topanga express their feelings about their upcoming wedding. Topanga wants a southern bell themed wedding and picks out a gaudy pink dress for the bridesmaids, Rachel, Angela, and Morgan. The girls think the dress is hideous, but they try to pretend that they like them. All except for Morgan who can't hide her disdain and literally jumps out of the dress and beats it with the matching parasol.

Meanwhile, Cory is under a lot of pressure to pick the best man, which he is debating between Eric and Shawn. Shawn tells him that he knows how hard the decision is for him, and tells him that he should pick Eric because he is family. Eric comes over and pleads his case on why he should be selected best man and ends up accidentally setting the curtains on fire in Cory's dorm. After this incident, Cory is convinced that Eric will screw up the wedding by doing something stupid, in which Topanga will blame him for. When Cory decides on Shawn, but his parents tell him he is wrong to not pick his brother—that is until Eric lights a sparkler and sets their curtains ablaze.

Cory and Topanga decide that they need the help of a professional wedding planner, so they seek the help of one that they have heard a lot about, Judy Haberfeld. Since Alan has agreed to pay for the music and drinks, he tries to cut costs by hiring Mr. Feeny and his jazz band for the gig, which they will do for free. Cory and Topanga have another dilemma to deal with when Judy tells them they location they have booked only seats 65 people and they have invited 270. Despite all the problems they run into, Cory and Topanga continue to sort out the details of their wedding.
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