Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 6

They're Killing Us

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 29, 1999 on ABC

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  • I loved every moment of it!

    Cory and Topanga talk about their wedding plans and the pains they have gone through. Angela, Rachel and Morgan hate their bridesmaid dresses. Eric and Shawn both want to be the best man. Cory picks Shawn and gets Eric, Amy and Alan upset. Eric starts two fires. Amy wants Topanga to wear her wedding dress, which is old and just plain ugly. The place for the reception is too small. Everything seems to be a disaster before the wedding.

    This was a hilarious episode! From Eric's mishaps with fire to Morgan's big mouth! I loved it when Topanga's eyes were twitching. Cory was funny when talking about their honeymoon! I liked the part when Topanga and Morgan were talking and Morgan was making fun of her. Topanga shouted, "Bite Me!" That was funny! This episode was classic and receives a 10!
  • One of the funniest of the whole series!

    This episode, about the struggles of Cory and Topanga's preparation for their wedding, is truly one of their funniest episodes. Eric himself made this one of the funniest episodes with the song he sings, and every moment was pure hilarity. This episode has some more adult jokes than previous episodes, but I kind of think that makes it funnier. This episode is definitely one of s7's funniest, and one of the funniest of the whole episode. I can't remember one thing about the episode I actually disliked at all. So, because of this, my overall grade for this is an A+