Boy Meets World

Season 5 Episode 16

Torn Between Two Lovers (Feeling Like a Fool)

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 27, 1998 on ABC

Episode Recap

Shawn wants Cory and Topanga to be happy, so he talks to them both separately. He tells them that they can do no better than each other, and he promises Topanga that Cory will never see Lauren again. He sets up a meeting for the two at Chubbie's.
Cory waits with Shawn, excited to finally be able to make things right with Topanga. He is surprised however, when Lauren shows up. Cory and Shawn try to get her to leave; but just as Cory tells says "I don't want Topanga to see us together", Topanga arrives.
Cory tries to tell Topanga that he didn't know Lauren would be there. She tells him that Lauren came all this way to talk, and if he feels he needs to talk, then he should--because she couldn't be with someone who wasn't 100 percent. Despite Shawn's warning that "It's a trap", Cory agrees to see Lauren.
Cory and Lauren have a picnic in the park, and it starts to rain. Lauren loves the rain and she and Cory play around. Cory becomes nervous because he's having a good time.
He goes to Shawn for advice. Shawn takes out a balance scale and puts a jelly bean on each side for each girl's good attributes. It's a tie, but Cory realizes what's important. He can live without Lauren, he can't live without Topanga.
Cory meets Topanga at Chubbie's to tell her what he's learned. He's happy to tell her that liking someone else could never take away from loving her...and he knows that now.
Topanga sadly explains that she never needed to test her feelings for him. She tells Cory she can't see him any more. Cory is devastated. "No! No! You told me to see her, Topanga!" "And you listened."
Meanwhile, Mr. Feeny asks Eric to proctor a test for a citizenship class. All Eric has to do is pass out the tests and pencils, and then collect them at the end. But when he gets there, Eric tells the class to rip up the tests. He invents a game that involves picking cards from a deck and coming up with American History trivia. His lesson is, that every individual is like a card in a deck. Some people are red, some are black, some are 6's, some are 7'; but without even one of them, the deck doesn't work, and that, Eric says, is America.
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