Boy Meets World

Season 5 Episode 16

Torn Between Two Lovers (Feeling Like a Fool)

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 27, 1998 on ABC

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  • Torn

    Cory, on the advice Topanga gives him, goes on a date with Lauren to test his true feelings. He has a great time but slowly realizes Topanga is the only girl he loves, but it may be too late when Topanga breaks up with him. Is this the end or will they get back together?

    A good episode, Eric's subplot had more laughs but the actual plot had a better plot and was very sad at the end when they break up. My overall grade for this episode, no surprise, is an A+, just a great episode from start to end
  • Great!

    Cory goes out with Lauren when she unexpectedly shows up. He wants to test his feelings for her. He even gets Topanga's permission. He has a great time, but with Shawn's help, realizes that Topanga is the one for him. Eric helps Mr. Feeny by teaching his citizenship class. At first, Mr. Feeny thinks that Eric is messing up, but Eric actually did a great job!

    I like Lauren even though she isn't Topanga. She is nice and fun to be around, but I still want Cory and Topanga together. It was sad how Topanga broke up with him. This episode gets a 10!
  • Well-written, memorable...but frustrating!

    Is it possible that Cory Matthews could ever have such chemistry as he had with Topanga with another girl?

    This is the question that comes up and slaps Cory in the face when Lauren decides to take a trip down to Philadelphia and visit Cory, seeking confirmation of the feelings that developed between them during the school ski trip. It seems obvious to everyone else that Topanga should be the only one for Cory, and they try to push Lauren away, but Cory isn't so sure.

    So he decides to try spending time with Lauren, to find out what it would be like with someone other than his true love, Topanga. To his surprise, he falls even more in love with Lauren.

    What was so frustrating about this episode was that Cory was so conflicted between choosing his long-lived love for Topanga, and his new and exciting feelings for Lauren...and even though in the end, when even Shawn realized that Lauren wasn't the blood-sucking Cory-stealing girl that he imagined, and was even beginning to warm to her, Cory realized that Topanga was the only one for him, and always would be.

    You feel the urge to 'Aww..." right about here, but don't let the warm, fuzzy feelings of true love overtake you just yet.

    Topanga decides that she doesn't want to take Cory back. The fact that he had to try dating someone else to affirm his love for her means that he isn't good enough.

    This is likely one of the most heartbreaking episodes of the series...though it's remembered fondly with Shawn's blunt way of welcoming Lauren with "OUT--GET OUT!!" And by Eric's show of maturity in proctoring a class for immigrants wanting to become American citizens, as a favour for Mr. Feeny. The ending scenes of this episode are probably the most inspiring scenes involving Eric...and you can't help feeling proud for him. :)