Boy Meets World

Season 3 Episode 7

Truth and Consequences

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 10, 1995 on ABC

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  • The truth hurts...

    I think this episode was well written because the plot develops amazingly, it starts out with an assignment they have to do for the school, Mr. Williams, for his love of news, he makes an assignment where your supposed to make a news report! I love how Topanga gets all nervous & she is all normal when the camera goes on her, 3I also like hwo it shows Shawn & Cory's perverseness when they see that girl with the towel.. I love how everyone tortures him after the video & Feeny has a heart & lets him work with him as security. Eric's subplot, was hilarious!
  • Great episode!

    Mr. Williams gives an assignment to find a real news story. Cory and Shawn investigate Bud the janitor and find out that he’s been clocking out at 2:55 and getting paid until 5:00. He also goes and gambles the money he earns on horse races. After they show the tape, Mr. Feeny has no choice but to fire Bud even though he has two months until he retires and gets full pension. Everyone hates Cory because of what he did. Eric is researched and the researcher found that Eric executes no brainwaves during his sleep. She is impressed and invites professors from around the world to see this phenomenon. This was a good episode. I really like Eric and his non-existent brainwaves! He is so funny! I feel sorry for Bud even though he was not working his full shift. I agree that it was wrong and I liked Mr. Feeny’s solution. Having Bud be a secretary was a smart decision. Mr. Williams realizes that he shouldn’t have put that pressure on Cory and Shawn to make a hard-hitting story. This episode gets a 9.5!
  • cory and shawn have to do a news report

    mr williams assigns a news report project to cory and his class. cory is working with shawn, and they are having trouble finding a good story, but when they find something good - how janitor bud is sneaking out of work early, they get him fired. everybody at school hates them for getting bud fired, but eventually bud is hired back by feeny as a secretary hahaha

    this is a pretty funny episode
  • After starting out with a few boring films, Shawn and Corey hit the jackpot when they catch Janitor Bud leaving school early.

    A decent episode of Boy Meets World. I thought the idea of having students participating in a film class was a nice plotline for we have nothing like that in my school. It handled Cory's inner conflict well when he was trying to decide if he had done the right thing. I often wondered what happened to the time clock after this episode, where did it go? And how much was Joey being paid to punch out Janitor Bud's time card? Janitor can't make that much, and face it, he is kind of a bad janitor but it is always nice to have interesting characters.
  • Corey and Shawn get Janitor Bud fired, and all he did was leave work early to gamble.

    In this now classic episode of Boy Meets World, Shawn and Corey shoot a video for their Media Arts class in which they reveal that Janitor Bud has been leaving work early, but has been getting paid until 5 PM. For shame Janitor Bud, for shame,

    This episode is filed with provocative questions. The most obvious pertains to whether or not Corey did the right thing. For some reason, there seems to be a substantial group of people at John Adams high who think that lying about your job, and enlisting students to assist you in your dastardly scheme is okay. In the end, we learn that sometimes there isn’t always a clear right or wrong answer, even though in this case, some things are more right then others.

    Finally, what high school sophomores (I think that’s where the show puts them this season) take Media Arts class? Shouldn’t they be in Chemistry class or something?