Boy Meets World

Season 3 Episode 7

Truth and Consequences

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 10, 1995 on ABC

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  • Corey and Shawn get Janitor Bud fired, and all he did was leave work early to gamble.

    In this now classic episode of Boy Meets World, Shawn and Corey shoot a video for their Media Arts class in which they reveal that Janitor Bud has been leaving work early, but has been getting paid until 5 PM. For shame Janitor Bud, for shame,

    This episode is filed with provocative questions. The most obvious pertains to whether or not Corey did the right thing. For some reason, there seems to be a substantial group of people at John Adams high who think that lying about your job, and enlisting students to assist you in your dastardly scheme is okay. In the end, we learn that sometimes there isn’t always a clear right or wrong answer, even though in this case, some things are more right then others.

    Finally, what high school sophomores (I think that’s where the show puts them this season) take Media Arts class? Shouldn’t they be in Chemistry class or something?