Boy Meets World

Season 2 Episode 7

Wake Up, Little Cory

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 04, 1994 on ABC



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    • Mr. Turner: Aw, come on. You got this innocent young girl, and somebody says that she slept with this other guy, right? And her reputation is shot, and we think that she's killed herself. Now where are you going to find this kind of stuff?
      Topanga: Melrose Place?
      Shawn: NYPD Blue?
      Cory: Barney? (everybody looks at him) My sister's says he gotten edgier.

    • Mr. Turner: You're right, Matthews.
      Cory: I'm right?
      Mr. Turner: You're exactly right.
      Cory: So, am I done with my education? Can I go?

    • Joey: Yeah, I think what Harley's gonna need here is a location fee plus an equipment rental fee.
      Cory: How much is that?
      Joey: How much you got?
      Cory: Three bucks.
      Joey: Three bucks. But if you let Harley pound your face maybe we can work out a discount.

    • Shawn: Everyone is waiting for you down at Chubbie's. Dude, you're a God!
      Alan: Why is that, Shawn? Why is my son suddenly so popular and godlike?
      Shawn: Because people are finally starting to realize how well brought up he is?
      Alan: That the best you can do?
      Shawn: Well, my mom smoked when she was pregnant.

    • Mr. Feeny (to Cory and Topanga when he finds them sleeping on the floor): Good morning sunshine! Breakfast is on the table. Today, we're having a big bowl of sugar-frosted you've got a lot of explaining to do.

    • Topanga: You know what I want? I want my good name back.
      Cory: Well, you know some people might argue that Topanga's not the best name to begin with.

    • (Cory is doing a video project on sex and love)
      Joey: Can I be in it?
      Cory: You're in it now!
      Joey: You gonna ask me a question?
      Cory: OK, what do you have to say about men and women and ... huh ... you know...
      Joey: OK, sex is very beautiful, especially within the confines of a loving, monogamous relationship; preferably marriage.
      Cory: That's really nice.
      Joey: Eh, thanks! Hey, is it alright if I say hi to my kids!?

    • (while filming Cory and Topanga's video)
      Topanga: How do you know if you're in love?
      Shawn: Love is the most amazing, rare and precious thing in the whole world. Topanga: Have you ever fallen in love?
      Shawn: Five times a day!

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    • Title: Wake Up, Little Cory

      This episode's title refers to the Everly Brothers' song "Wake Up Little Susie," about a couple who fall asleep together, and then wake up the next morning.