Boy Meets World

Season 6 Episode 13

We'll Have A Good Time Then

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 22, 1999 on ABC

Episode Recap

When Shawn and Jack's father, Chet, unexpectedly appears at Pennbrook, he tells his sons that he's there to stay. However, Shawn warns Jack not to get his hopes, because Chet never sticks to his promises.
Later, at the apartment, Chet recieves a call about a job opportunity in Las Vegas. He doesn't accept the job immediately, but he doesn't turn it down either. Shawn knows what's coming next and he accuses his father of being predictably unreliable. In the midst of the argument, Chet collapse--the victim of a heart attack.
At the hospital, Jack takes care of all the paperwork while Shawn is consoled by his friends. When Shawn discovers that Jack put Chet in a room that costs 2000 a day, he accuses Jack of making him and his father a charity case. Jack points out that he just wants what's best for Chet, because Chet is Jack's father too.
Overwhelmed, Shawn tells Jack that he's always been afraid of ending up like Chet. He's worried that he'll be unable to maintain strong, meaningful relationships; and that he'll eventually begin to push away the people that care the most about him.
Chet has woken up to hear Shawn and Jacks conversation. Feeling remorse for not being a better father, he promises to stick around. Shawn and Chet share an embrace.
Just as things seem to be resolving, Chet has another heart attack. The doctor does all he can, but regretfully tells Shawn that Chet passed away.
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