Boy Meets World

Season 6 Episode 13

We'll Have A Good Time Then

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 22, 1999 on ABC

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  • i have to be strong to watch this

    Everyone loses a love one in this episode Shawn loses his dad i lost mine so this episode hits me hard i can't watch it sometimes cause i ball like a baby.
  • 10
    Wow...that's one word to describe this episode. After the first time I saw this, "Wow" is exactly what I felt. This episode was written beautifully by the writers and the acting was just amazing!

    Shawn was already in a depressing state because off all of the complications with Angela, but when his dad pops up for an unexpected visit, I think that's when Shawn starts to snap.

    Matt Lawrence gave one of his best performances in this episode, and he proved to be a stronger actor than what I thought. His role of being the boy who didn't and barely knows his father was great!

    This episode was one of Rider Strong's best performances too, and Rider's given some memorable performances in Boy Meets World's seven years. I could completely feel his emotion when he gave his speech to Jack about how lucky he is to not feel his pain. Rider's acting is just superb in this episode! I have no idea how he isn't a more recognized actor!

    I also loved Alan and Chet's talk in the hospital. I still can't believe that if Chet would have survived, he would have taken off again! How could he do that to his sons? When Chet and Shawn have their final talk, I was almost in tears. It makes me wonder if Chet really would have stayed around for Jack and Shawn after this talk with a very despondent Shawn. To me, this was Blake Clark's best scene in the show as a minor character. This scene was also another one of Rider Strong's more powerful scenes. Both actors put a ton of emotion in this scene, and some people say that it was over-done, but I say it was just right.

    All in all, one of the best Boy Meets World episodes and definitely on my top ten episode list!
  • if the end doesn't make you sad you have no soul

    I love this episode. Easily one of the saddest episodes of this show, if not the saddest. It is so emotional when at the end the doctor reveals Chet did die. The episode as a whole had little laughs from what I remember, but that is OK when the episode itself is this good. I liked Chet and I wish he could have stayed, but apparently the writers had a much different plan. Easily one of the most emotional episodes of a show, especially a sitcom like this. My overall grade for this episode is a very easy A+. Perfect
  • one of the saddest episodes on boy meets world

    Shawn and jacks father returns and promises to stay in their lives and hang around, but when he gets offered a job in Vegas, Shawn gets angry at him knowing that he will leave them again. When he gets a heart attack and put in the hospital, everyone is upset and Shawn tells jack a little something about what his childhood with his father was actually like. Chet dies but not before Shawn tells him that he needed him and still does. This was a really sad episode. Shawn's speech, especially the bit about him sitting by the TV waiting for his father to say something to him was so sad. The picture as the present was nice. I think if he hadn't of died, he would've stayed around because he was needed there.
  • Sad episode.

    Chet, Shawn and Jack’s father, comes in to visit. He has a heart attack and is put in the hospital. Shawn is really angry with him because of what he did during Shawn’s childhood. Chet was never around for him, and when he was, he was either drunk or not paying attention to him at all. Cory and Topanga write their wedding vows. Chet dies.

    This was an extremely sad, yet awesome episode! I really felt for Shawn and it’s hard for him because he never really knew his father, even though he’s been with him. Jack is also unlucky because he never knew his father at all. This was so sad and emotional. I give it a 10!
  • My dad was in the hospital the first time I saw this

    I was worrying about my dad when I first saw this. He was in the hospital too. Rider Strong gave SUCH an emotional performance I wish he had gotten an Emmy for this performance. I wish the show itself had been nominated. The thing I like most about Blake Clark's big switch from being a funny good ol' boy to a serious actor who is dying. To see him go through life and death sometimes you have to forgive yourself for things and not stop living. I will never forget this episode and I hope I see Rider Strong is more dramatic performances. Maybe we'll give an Oscar one day. That would be wonderful.
  • A very emotional and touching episode.

    This is probably the most emotional episode of Boy Meets World ever. Shawn's father dies and the performance by Rider is one of the best by a young actor on television. This episode deals with losing and loss in a very real way. You can bet Boy Meets World will either give you a very realistic display of real life problems, or an off the wall crazy story. This episode is as real as it comes for programming orientated for children. This is an episode with great compassion and great performances by all parties, especially both the hunter's and Jack.
  • This episode took place a year before the final season. In the episode Chet, Shawn and Jack's dad come back. However his visit is short when he has a heart attack.

    Brilliant episode. I loved every aspect of it. In the beginning of Boy Meets World the show was about Corey and his normal teenage problems. However as the show kept going, it began to deal with serious issues. With a little bit of comedy. Like one episode Shawn meets a girl whose father is beating her up and in another episode Shawn joins a Cult. Wow I just realized all the "really" serious episodes in this serious deal with Shawn or somehow revolve around him. Anyways in this episode, Chet who is Shawn's father comes back to see his boys. The character of Chet is an unusual one because he isn't the greatest father in the world, because he isn't there for Shawn, but he still loves him alot. In fact Chet keeps on leaving Shawn, so they never develop a real emotional attachment. So it's hard for Shawn to enjoy his father, because he knows his father will leave. Meanwhile Jack who is Shawn's step brother Eric falls in love with Rachel (his roomate) much to the jealousy of Eric (who had a crush on Rachel). The sad tragedy is that Chet has a heart attack and tells Shawn that he will stay. However something goes wrong, and the saddest part of the scene is when the Doctor returns with a disappointed look and the entire BMW cast is waiting in the hospital. The Doctor says "We lost him." That moment was so emotional especially seeing the cut to Corey and Eric (Who are also brothers). It was very emotional, and Rider Strong's acting performance is brilliant. Great ep!
  • Shawn's dad comes back again, and Shawn tries to reconcile, but Chet has a heart attack and dies. Also, this is when Rachel and Jack reveal their feelings for one another.

    This is a great episode. Shawn has a lot of problems, and it's great that he's got so many people that care about him. Shawn is very complex. His feelings are easier to read than most of the characters.
    This is also a big step for Eric. In that last scene, when Jack and Rachel end up kissing, and Eric comes in, I could feel his hurt. It's hard to see someone you care about so much dating someone else, and think, that should have been me. I've been there. Not a good feeling at all. Eric will kind of lose himself after this episode as well. He was stable for a while, but he changes a lot throughout the rest of the series.
  • A completely moving episode dealing with the death of a loved one.

    I remember crying when this one came out. It was just so touching, and I have to say that Rider Strong did an AMAZING job. There were some funny moments in it that lightened the mood a bit, but it was still extremely powerful. This is one of the best episodes.
  • What an episode

    This was one of the best episodes in the series though they were all good. It showed so much emotion and heartbreak. It showed all of Shawns resentments towards his father and brother. It was very sad when Shawn hugged his dad before he died. It made shawn realize he was very much like his dad and in the end of the continued episode it showed it again when Shawn took off with his trailer. It showed that the support of family and friends in times of need. It also showed just what a good friend Corey is. A very real episode with real reactions.
  • In this extremely emotional episode; Shawn and Jack's dad suffers a heart attack after eating Rachel's cake. He is put in the hospital, and later he dies. This episode has character build-up for Shawn, and has great acting from the entire cast.

    This episode definitely sticks out. It is extremely emotional, and not as funny as other episodes. It has at least one tear-jerker, depending on how emotional you are. Perfect acting, and a great plotline. Even if you don\'t like the show, you will still enjoy this episode. This is a well-written episode, and it derserves a perfect score!
  • Very moving and sad

    So much went on in this episode - a lot of charcter development, and you feel what Shawn is going through right along with him. Shawn and Jack have real brother time and I like that. Unlike most Boy Meets World episodes this had less jokes and more emotional. But I love that about it, and it really got me involved and into it. And even though many BMW get you involved too, this episode was somehow different and it really pulled my emotional strings. Great acting, and the more episodes out there like this one the better.