Boy Meets World

Season 6 Episode 13

We'll Have A Good Time Then

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 22, 1999 on ABC

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    Wow...that's one word to describe this episode. After the first time I saw this, "Wow" is exactly what I felt. This episode was written beautifully by the writers and the acting was just amazing!

    Shawn was already in a depressing state because off all of the complications with Angela, but when his dad pops up for an unexpected visit, I think that's when Shawn starts to snap.

    Matt Lawrence gave one of his best performances in this episode, and he proved to be a stronger actor than what I thought. His role of being the boy who didn't and barely knows his father was great!

    This episode was one of Rider Strong's best performances too, and Rider's given some memorable performances in Boy Meets World's seven years. I could completely feel his emotion when he gave his speech to Jack about how lucky he is to not feel his pain. Rider's acting is just superb in this episode! I have no idea how he isn't a more recognized actor!

    I also loved Alan and Chet's talk in the hospital. I still can't believe that if Chet would have survived, he would have taken off again! How could he do that to his sons? When Chet and Shawn have their final talk, I was almost in tears. It makes me wonder if Chet really would have stayed around for Jack and Shawn after this talk with a very despondent Shawn. To me, this was Blake Clark's best scene in the show as a minor character. This scene was also another one of Rider Strong's more powerful scenes. Both actors put a ton of emotion in this scene, and some people say that it was over-done, but I say it was just right.

    All in all, one of the best Boy Meets World episodes and definitely on my top ten episode list!