Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 11

What A Drag!

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 03, 1999 on ABC

Episode Recap

While closing up one night at the student union, Eric and Jack catch college tough-guy Luther breaking in to the college's lounge area to throw a rave. They think fast and duck behind the counter and call the police. Much to their dismay, the police arrive so quickly that Luther and his buddies don't have time to do anything illegal, so they are set free. Luther promises to get revenge on Eric and Jack when they least expect it.

In fear of being beat to a pulp, Eric and Jack think of leaving town, until they realize that they have finals all week. With fleeing not an option, Eric and Jack dress up as women so Luther won't notice them. Eric pretends to be a French girl named Shante Dubois while Jack goes by the name of Lala Nelson. The plan seems to work flawlessly until Luther starts hitting on Jack. Eric is uncomfortable with his girly appearance when Mr. Feeny tells him he looks like a bison. Jack learns that Luther's appearance and image mean more to him than anything, so he gets Eric to take a picture of the two together. While Luther closes his eyes expecting a kiss, Jack takes off his wig and Eric snaps the photo. Eric and Jack then tell Luther that if they so much as look at them wrong, his image will be forever tainted when they post the picture on the college website.

In the meantime, Cory is busy redecorating their apartment. When Topanga sees that Cory chose bright yellow for the whole place, she is none too thrilled. However, Topanga knows how much work Cory put into the project, so she can't muster the courage to tell Cory that she doesn't like it. While she figures out a way to break the news to him, Cory continues to work on the apartment. Topanga expects the place to be hideous but she is shocked to see that Cory changed everything and it turned out beautiful. Cory tells Topanga that he could tell she didn't like the yellow, so he changed everything for her.
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