Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 11

What A Drag!

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 03, 1999 on ABC

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  • perfect

    What I liked: Eric and Jack as girls, the man after them hitting on Jack, "Hm. Double D's, just like your grades", Eric complaining because he thinks he is ugly and Topanga trying to comfort him (her), Cory trying to make Topanga happy but ending up doing the opposite, amongst other things.

    Good episode. Men in drag is kind of a low form of humor but I can't help but appreciate it when shows I like do plots like that. And it was handled in a good, funny way. What more could you want? A+ as my final grade
  • Way funny!

    Jack and Eric catch Crazy Luther and call the cops on him. Luther hadn't yet done anything so they couldn't arrest him. He threatens them. Eric and Jack dress up like women to avoid this. Eric becomes a girl named Chantel and Jack is Lala. Cory fixes up the married dorm. Topanga doesn't like it so far, but she doesn't know how to tell him. Cory senses that and changes it. Topanga now loves it! Eric and Jack reveal their true identities after taking a picture of Luther and Lala. He says that he'll leave them alone.

    This was a hilarious! I loved Eric! He was so funny as a girl! I actually thought he was better looking than Jack! This episode gets a perfect 10!
  • Lol Eric and Jack in drag

    This was a funny episode a bit pointless but, funny to say the least. Jack did actually look kinda good in drag I have to admit but, i'm female I really can't judge how men look to other men when they are thought to be women.(Wow that was a confusing sentence to type.)Anyway Cory and Topanga are getting used to married life much of it to Topanga's dismay while Jack and Eric dress in drag pointless yet funny. Honestly, I kind of ignored everything to do with Cory and Topanga and focused on Jack and Eric who were funny beyond belief in this episode. Jack was hit on while he dressed as a woman things can't get much funnier than that. And Eric cried when he wasn't a pretty woman calling himself and buffalo or something like that. All and all I enjoyed thid episode.
  • this one is pretty much chick like me with eric and jack as girls, but its still good

    eric and jack dress up like girls instead of cory and shawn. this episode is pretty similar to chick like me from season 4, which was a good episode. but this episode is good too. but jack has a problem when the campus bully (sort of) they are trying to escape falls in love with him, thinking he's a girl. he even tries to kiss jack, but jack escapes. this episode is hysterically funny!