Boy Meets World

Season 3 Episode 3

What I Meant to Say

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 13, 1995 on ABC

Episode Recap

Cory and Topanga are spending a nice evening at Chubbie's. They realize that they are too focused on each other to safely play pool or darts, so they sit down to talk. Caught up in the moment, Cory tells Topanga that he loves her. This catches her off guard and she leaves in a hurry.
At the school the next day, Cory recounts his evening to Shawn. When he tells Shawn what he told Topanga, Shawn becomes scared that other girls around school are going to want to hear the same words. "Shh, you're like a stinking Canary!" His own problems aside, he assures Cory "From this moment on, Topanga will be a gushing, love-struck puppy." The notion is laid to rest when Topanga runs into Cory, turns around and quickly leaves.
Meanwhile, new Media Arts teacher prospect, Mr. Williams, is in a tight spot when he unknowingly steals Mr. Feeny's coffee. He enters Mr. Feeny's office, starting the interview process on a bad note. Mr. Feeny, however, finds Mr. Williams to have great passion and knowledge and decides to give him the job.
Later, Shawn tells Cory that he needs to wait Topanga out. Cory thinks this is a good idea until Topanga approaches him at lunch and breaks up with him. Despondent, Cory goes to Chubbie's for dinner and some time to think. Mr. Williams, out with Mr. Turner, approaches him about his problem. Mr. Williams persuades Cory to talk to Topanga and get her true feelings.
After leaving Chubbie's Cory climbs in to Topanga's window to get his Jacket back. Before he leaves, he opens up to Topanga, who realizes that she was simply scared because she wasn't sure what love meant. The one thing that they both know is that they belong together and as long as they remain honest, things will work out.
Meanwhile, Eric's girlfriend, after hearing about Cory, expects Eric to tell her he loves her.