Boy Meets World

Season 3 Episode 3

What I Meant to Say

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 13, 1995 on ABC

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  • hilarious

    cory is having a great time on a date with topanga, but things go wrong when he tells her that he loves her, and he does not get the reaction he wanted. is this going to break cory and topanga up?

    good episode, it was a really funny episode and also a rather emotional one (Season three had its fair share of emotion). Overall though it was a good episode from the show's third season, and so as such my overall grade is an A+, simply a hilarious episode and also quite emotional, i certainly think so anyways. Good episode
  • Cory tells Topanga "I love you", but Topanga doesn't react as Cory thought she would do. In the end, she says it too.

    One of my favourite episodes. They were so young, and, however, both knew that what they had is true love... Ah, it makes me smile, and almost cry. Cory's words about what love means are extraordinaire. It describes perfectly what he feels about her without sounding stupid.
    Also, we have a bit of "old weird hippie Topanga" here, because when Cory enters her room, we can see, in the bookshelf, references to things like "World Peace".
    The "jacket moment", when Topanga catches it and smiles, is so revealing. I think that moment describes, exactly, what Topanga and Cory are.
    Also, Eric is, as always, the funniest! His scenes with Chistie are fantastic.
  • More emotional than in other episodes...

    This episode was such a tear jerker but had some definite character development. Cory & Topanga develop their relationship, they both say I love you for the first time. But it begins rocky when Topanga breaks up with Cory scared & confused after he says "I love you" to her, while Shawn is wondering why he is wrong, mean while Eric is frusturated when he has to say "I love you" to his girlfriend, Christi after she hears Cory say it. The sad part is when Cory comes for his bomber jacket which was really sad cause Topanga wants him to go aweway but they get back together in the end. Which is a highpoint in the Cory/Topanga relationship.
  • Thinking cramps!

    Cory tells Topanga that he loves her. Shawn warns Cory that it was a very bad idea. Topanga breaks up with Cory. Eric agrees with Shawn that it was bad. Now, Eric's girlfriend expects him to tell her that he loves her. Mr. Williams gets a job as the Media Arts teacher. Cory confronts Topanga about why she broke up with him and she says that it was because she was scared. They get back together and Topanga says that she loves him too.

    I loved this episode! I thought that the guy who took the flowers from Shawn was hilarious! Also, when Cory was showing Shawn what he did to Topanga, he said "I love you" and everyone was watching, I thought it was funny when the guy with the flowers got mad. This was a great episode and I really adore Cory and Topanga's relationship. This episode gets a 10!
  • One of the great moments in the Cory/Topanga story--the first defining moments of them actually as a couple, and a sign of things to come.

    When Cory tells Topanga he loves her, she dumps him without an explanation, and he struggles to understand why. Through the advice of Mr. Williams (who has just gotten a job as the media arts teacher at John Adams High), he asks her for the truth as to why she ran away.

    The episode is really defines both Cory and Topanga well and shows how their relationship will work for the remainder of the series. He is consistently the loyal and steadfast one, pursuing her even when she is unsure. Topanga sometimes wavers because she is mature enough to know that there are some things she isn't old enough to understand. However, this time, Cory comes through for her and defines love. He teaches her what it means to care about someone in an eleven o'clock scene that is very moving and somehow manages to avoid all sitcom cliches.

    It is also full of classic lines such as thinking cramps, Shawn mistaking "what is real" for "something about Israel," and a number of other laugh out loud greats. It is an episode that does not disappoint and is one of the high points of the series.
  • Cory and Topanga are at Chubbie\'s having a good time. Cory gets caught up in the moment and tells Topanga that he loves her. Topanga leaves in a hurry and she keeps avoiding him. He goes to her house and they talk. In the end, she says she loves him too.

    I loved this epiosode. This has to be one the best! This really shows how Cory and Topanga were meant to be together(Cory said he loved her since he was six!). I loved the ending. I think t was funny when Eric found out what Cory did, so he practiced saying it to his girlfriend. Eric: Christi, I love you. Christi I love you. Christi I... I... I don\'t even know her last name! This episode, even though it was funny, it was more serious too. What I also thought was kinda \"crange\" (cool/strange) was the fact that Cory has better luck with girls than Eric does! HA! HA! HA!
  • Develops characters

    Cory and Topanga are a "couple" now and Cory tells Topanga he loves her. This scares her (but she doesn't tell Cory this), and not knowing what else to do, breaks up with him. Cory feels really bad so he unrealistically climbs through her bedroom window (yeah, there just happened to be a tall ladder hanging around). Of course, for about the fiftieth time this season, Topanga and Cory are back together...or as Eric says in Brother-Brother...back together (big kiss), back together (big kiss)...and so it goes. But, overall, this episode develops Cory and Topanga's relationship as more than friends. It is a foreshadowing of the upcoming seasons relationship between the two.
  • More Emotion

    This episode I feel really captures what is to become of Cory and Topanga. Eli gets the job after a little confrentation with Mr Feeny and a coffee. Although this is a key episode of the series it is not an episode that really sticks out in your mind when your discussing this with friends. I feel this is one of the few below par episodes in Boy Meets World.
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