Boy Meets World

Season 4 Episode 14


Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 17, 1997 on ABC

Episode Recap

Cory is turning sixteen and he's looking forward to getting his license, so he can take Shawn and Topanga on a road trip.
Alan is excited to take Cory to the test; it's Matthews men tradition. However, Cory shows up having already passed the test earlier that morning. Alan is disappointed, but he knows that he and Cory didn't have formal plans, so there's nothing he can do. Cory asks for the car, to take his friends to Atlantic City. Alan says he'll give him the keys after he runs a few errands, but his errands end up taking several hours and when he returns it's too late for the road trip.
Alan says Cory can take the car out until his birthday dinner at Chubbie's. The dinner is only 45 minutes away and Cory argues that it's not even worth it.
The mood at the dinner is strained and Alan finally agrees to let Cory take his friends on a road trip. Cory ditches the party and heads off to Atlantic City.
Finally on the road, Cory is afraid to go too fast, but when he breaches the speed limit by one mile per hour, he is arrested and brought to trial. It is explained that Cory was caught in a speed trap. He refuses to call his father for help, so he calls Mr. Feeny instead. Mr. Feeny tells Alan, and Alan shows up just as Cory is being sentenced. The judge realizes that Cory wants to be independent and Alan wants to hold on to his sons younger years. He relates growing up to a speed trap.
Alan and Cory talk things out and Alan says he will always be Cory's father and Cory never has to worry about going to him for help.
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