Boy Meets World

Season 2 Episode 19

Wrong Side of the Tracks

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 24, 1995 on ABC

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  • It was good.

    Shawn thinks that he and Cory should quit being friends. He starts hanging out with Harley, Joey, and Frankie. Cory tries to be a true friend and helps get Shawn on the "right side of the tracks." Eric wants to go out with this pretty girl, but she spends all her free time ice skating. Jason says that Eric can skate, even though he can't. Jason gives Eric a tape to listen to while he sleeps to help teach him how to skate. It was a diet tape, but he dubbed it a little. Eric becomes a great skater, but then trembles when the food is mentioned.

    This was a great episode! The only thing I hated was how they changed the actor for Harley. This actor was nothing like him. I thought it was funny and I give it a 9.0!
  • the first time shawn wants to hang with the wrong crowd

    when shawn tries to hang with harley and his gang, he and cory get in a huge fight and stay angry and one another for quite awhile (not forever, but for them, a long time). cory is trying to do the right thing by stopping shawn from doing bad things, and when shawn is about to vandalize turners motorcycle, cory and turner stop him and shawn realizes he made a mistake
  • Shawn starts to feel bad when he is dumped by a popular girl because he comes from a bad neighborhood

    A really good episode overall. The dynamic between Cory and Shawn and Shawn's comming to terms with his family was an excellent story line. It was a good way to dig deep into Shawn's character and to find out why he acts how he does.

    It was completely hilarious when Eric learns to skate, and I'm sure that the subliminal message tape could help anyone learn to skate. I was happy to see a camio by Nancy Kerrigan and the skate double for Eric was awsome. I love Jonathan Turners hair and what is the deal with the new Harvey? He can't say "Baboon". It just doesn't jell.