Boy Meets World

Season 4 Episode 1

You Can Go Home Again

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 20, 1996 on ABC

Episode Recap

Cory and Eric have reached the end of their road trip and are now headed back to Philadelphia. Cory can't wait to return to his family and friends, but Eric isn't quite ready to go home. Looking for an excuse to prolong the trip, Eric pulls off in Pottstown, home of the world's largest...yogurt cup; much to Cory's chagrin.
Eric meets a pretty waitress and makes plans with her for the evening. Cory is upset because he just wants to go home; he has a life waiting for him. "That must be nice," Eric responds. He didn't get into college, his friends have left and he doesn't feel like he has anything to go home to.
Meanwhile, Alan is honored with the "Grocie of the Year" award. Even though he's reached the pinnacle of his profession, he doesn't feel happy. He says that feels like he was trapped into the grocery business, while he was trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. He talks to Amy, who just wants him to be happy; and Mr. Feeny, who suggests he find a new job.
Back in Pottstown, Eric tells Cory that he's not going home, where he's "just a loser who didn't get into college". Worried, Cory calls Alan to tell him the situation.
Alan hurries to Pottstown to talk some sense into Eric. Eric is set on staying, but Alan, seeing parallels to his own situation, convinces hime to come home. "One day you'll realize that all you've done is settle and you will not like yourself," he tells Eric. Eric is afraid but Alan insists he never has to be afraid to come home.
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