Boy Meets World

Season 4 Episode 1

You Can Go Home Again

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 20, 1996 on ABC

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  • The summer is over and I doubt, I doubt I'll be seeing you around.

    This episode was a pretty good season opener. It was good with the continuity since the last time we saw the Matthews brothers, they were getting ready for summer, to go out on the road. In the season 4 opener, they're still on the road. One problem: Eric doesn't want to go home, he feels like he is a loser, and doesn't want to go. He falls in love with a girl, Irene from Pottstown, where he plans his future. Meanwhile Cory tries everything to get Eric home. Alan feels as though he is in a slump in his life, and he feels as though he "settled" for just working at a grocery store, he realizes this after winning a "Grocie". Shawn & Topanga anxiously wait for Cory to come home. A good season opener, with a lesson to be learned: "Don't settle". It applied for both plot lines. Some parts were kind of boring, but it paid off in the end.