Boy Meets World

Season 7 Episode 5

You Light Up My Union

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 22, 1999 on ABC

Episode Recap

Jack and Eric take jobs as managers of the Pennbrook student union. Mr. Feeny suggests to Jack that he take Eric under his wing and help him better understand the business world. At the end of the day, Jack is reluctant have Eric deposit the $1700 in the bank, but he allows him to do it, thinking that he is responsible enough to handle the task. While waiting in line at the bank, Eric encounters a lonely organ grinder and his pet monkey, oddly enough named Eric. The organ grinder explains that he needs $1700 to buy a female monkey companion, but he just doesn't have the money. Eric decides that the man needs the money more than he does, so he gives him the $1700, and the organ grinder gives Eric his word that he will repay him.

When Eric returns and tells Jack what he did with the student union's money, Jack is furious. He responds by telling Eric that the business world is tough, and you can't believe everyone's sob story. Jack tells him that if he graduates college without being prepared for that, he will never succeed. Eric takes his advice and starts working more efficiently, but also begins acting very stern, which has everyone missing the old, cheerful Eric. That afternoon while Jack is standing in line at the bank with a deposit, he overhears a single mother explaining to a loan officer why she is behind on her car payments. The woman begs the loan officer not to repossess her vehicle, for that is the only way she can transport her children and herself. Jack has a sudden change of heart and gives the money to the woman who is surprised and very grateful.

Jack immediately returns to campus to tell Eric that just because the business world is harsh, it doesn't mean that you have to become a part of it. He pleads with Eric to go back to the way he was, because everything was better that way. Jack realizes the lesson behind Mr. Feeny's advice and asks him to elaborate. Mr. Feeny explains that with the knowledge that Jack has, and the kind heart of Eric's, the two could both learn a lot from each other. A few moments later, the organ grinder returns and gives Eric an envelope with the money, just like he promised.

Meanwhile, Topanga and Angela give Cory and Shawn a key to their apartment. Rachel is frustrated when she finds Cory and Shawn eating her food. She later discovers that the two went through her things and read her diary, which makes her feel that her privacy has been violated. Cory and Shawn apologize to Rachel, but it isn't enough. To teach Topanga and Angela a lesson, she dresses in a sexy outfit, which has the boys drooling over her. Topanga and Angela then realize that giving them a key was unfair, so they take it back and apologize.
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