Boy Meets World

Season 6 Episode 8

You're Married, You're Dead

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 13, 1998 on ABC

Episode Recap

Now that Cory is engaged, he doesn't really fit in with Shawn's buddies. They see him as being so whipped he might as well already be married. The fact that Cory wears an engagement ring doesn't help him much. In order to prove his non-whippedness, Cory agrees to go with Shawn and Gambling Dan to Club Cleavage (a "Hooters" spoof; pronounced: Cleh-vahzh). He's uncomfortable at first, so Shawn tells him to take off his engagement ring, because it's strangling him. As Cory's luck would have it, he accidentally leaves it there.
When Topanga finds out that he went to Cleavage, she's reasonable--thinking it's the best way to keep him from going back. Later, she talks with Angela in the shower room. Angela's upset that Shawn went, but she can't do anything about it because they aren't together anymore. Topanga says that as long as women are willing to work there, men will go to see them. Angela thinks women only work their because they are forced by circumstance. Just then, a girl gets out of the shower and says that she works there. She says it's not that bad and she takes Topanga to check it out.
Cory goes back to Cleavage to find his ring. When he locates it, he's so happy that he joins in the "Tushie Dance", just as Topanga walks in.
Back at the student union, Cory tells Topanga that he only went back to get his ring. When she asks him why he took it off in the first place, he says he needs some "guy time" now and then. Topanga is OK with this, but she tells him that he needs to decide whether to wear the ring or not, he can't pick and choose when to wear the ring, "because I have feelings too," she says.
Cory tells Shawn that he might show up at the next poker game, but if he doesn't it's because he's having more fun with someone else. Shawn likes that Cory and Topanga are doing well together. Cory tells him that he can always hang out with them, but Shawn declines, and goes off with Gambling Dan. Angela shows up just in time to watch him go.
Meanwhile, Rachel observes Jack and Eric as research for her anthropology report on the effects of women on male bonding. The guys go to Cleavage, but they can't have a good time because Rachel is there working on her paper. Rachel wants them to act like she isn't there, but they tell her they can't--They've learned maturity and respect from living with her, and when they see her they're reminded of those values.
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