Boy Meets World

Season 6 Episode 8

You're Married, You're Dead

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 13, 1998 on ABC

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  • great

    What I liked: Eric and Jack finding out Rachel is at the restaurant, the ending of the episode, Cory doing the 'tushie dance' after finding his ring, "Where's the lost and found?" "Over there, by the daycare", amongst other things.

    Good episode. Not one of their funniest, or one of their best, but it was a nice way to spend 22 minutes of my time. B+ or so as my final grade, not a perfect episode but it was really good.
  • not one of the best eposieds yet.

    I think that particular eposide could have been done a liitle bite better in that case. Ben Savages work was ok in that eposide, Why couldn't everybody elses work be like his. Topanga needs to get a life in that eposide. Rider your work needs to be a liittle bit better.
  • An episode about trust!

    Cory and Shawn go to a resturant where the women dress, well, not all the way. Cory takes off his engagement ring and forgets it there. He goes because other guys are making fun of him being engaged. Eric and Jack go there as well. Rachel is working on a paper about the behavior of men around women.

    This episode was good! I didn't enjoy the women at Cleavage, but the moral was great! I really like Cory's attitude at the end! Topanga's method to keep him away from there probably would've worked if Cory hadn't forgotten his ring! This episode was good and it receives a 9!