Boys Be

Season 1 Episode 11

Before Winter Comes

Aired Unknown Jun 20, 2000 on WOWOW
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Yoshihiko ponders why Natsue calls him all the time just to talk when he bumps into a girl in a Santa outfit running. It turns out she is a pop idol named Jyuuna Morio, but Yoshihiko has no idea who she is nor cares about her reputation. Jyunna asks Yoshihiko to be her reindeer as she tries to spend a normal day away from being famous.moreless

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    Wendee Lee

    Wendee Lee

    Jyunna Morio

    Guest Star

    Rika Komatsu

    Rika Komatsu

    Jyunna Morio

    Guest Star

    Doug Stone

    Doug Stone


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      • (Episode Theme Quote)
        Kyoichi: Snow blankets everything in white. If there's sorrow, snow will gently embrace you. If there's happiness, snow will decorate it gently. Silently, the snow keeps falling.

      • Jyunna: Do you even have the slightest idea who you're talking to right now?
        Yoshihiko: Hmm?
        (Yoshihiko stares intently; camera pans up Jyunna)
        Yoshihiko: One of those cheesy mall Santas?
        Jyunna: No way! (motioning with finger) Come look closer.
        Yoshihiko: (pointing) What? Amazing! Don't tell me I'm staring at the real honest-to-goodness Santa Claus?!
        Jyunna: No, that's not it at all!

      • Yoshihiko: What the heck? Is this how you always treat people who buy you your food?
        Jyunna: Please. When you're famous, you don't carry cash. (drawing on something) Here, I'll give you this as my payment. Here. (holds up her autograph on a napkin)
        Yoshihiko: And yet you carry a pen for autographs.
        Jyunna: It's a must have item for a superstar.

      • Jyunna: There's this other place that I really want to check out. Will you take me there?
        Yoshihiko: Why would I take you?
        Jyunna: Hmm. I offered you a date with me and you're not thrilled at the chance? Listen, I promise to take a Jyunna Morio photo sticker with you later on. What do you say?
        Yoshihiko: Hmm. Sorry, lady. I'm not supposed to hang out with egotistical Santas. It was my grandfather's dying wish.
        Jyunna: Oh, well that's terrific! That means you ARE allowed to hang out with a superstar!
        Yoshihiko: Nope. That was my grandmother's dying wish.
        Jyunna: What is that supposed to mean?

      • Girl 1: Was that Jyunna Morio? Wow, she's so skinny.
        Woman 1: Hey, I wonder who's that guy over there. Is he her boyfriend?
        Woman 2: No way. Jyunna Morio totally has bad taste in men.
        Woman 1: Yeah, tell me about it.
        Woman 2: Such a weirdo.

      • (Jyunna suddenly finds herself flashed by the paparazzi cameras.)
        Jyunna: Oh no.
        (Yoshihiko gets in front of Jyunna.)
        Yoshihiko: Hey stop. What are you doing? You can't just take pictures of her like that!
        Jyunna: Yeah, he's right! I can look much better than this!
        (Yoshihiko groans.)
        (Jyunna does a bunch of picture poses.)
        Jyunna: (holding drink bottle) Okay, one more pose to finish it up!
        (Jyunna lifts her leg and the cameramen ooh in excitement.)
        Yoshihiko: (grabbing Jyunna to run away) You cater to them too much!

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