Boys Be

Season 1 Episode 10

Holding the Sleepless Night

Aired Unknown Jun 13, 2000 on WOWOW



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    • This episode has footage from the movie The Thin Red Line which was released in the theaters in 1998.

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    • (Episode Theme Quote)
      Kyoichi: All sound ceases. When the ice cold night air fills the room, I lie awake, holding my blanket. And that's when it happens. I feel like crying, like my heart is slowly breaking. A sorrowful, an unshakeable loneliness. That sense of loneliness rises from the shadows in my heart.

    • Kyoichi: Who knows? Maybe I am just lonely.
      Yoshihiko: Come on. Will you knock it off already? Only people with an IQ of 200 or higher are allowed to think about that kind of stuff.
      Kyoichi: Yeah? Well, sorry, mine is only 100.

      Makoto: You just have I Want a Girl Syndrome.
      Kyoichi: I Want a Girl Syndrome?
      Makoto: You just want to hold somebody close all night long, right? Who else would it be but a girl. I think about it every night. Like, if I do this, it'll lead to that. If I tease her here, she'll do you know what. That kind of stuff!
      Kyoichi: You really think so?
      Makoto: What, do you think that's it?
      Kyoichi: Well I doubt your IQ is anywhere near 200.
      Makoto: Ya got that right. Mine stops at 30.

    • Kyoichi: Sorry, you can't rent these.
      Makoto: Come on, help me out here. We're friends, aren't we?
      Kyoichi: Just forget it. You've got to be 18 to rent stuff like this.
      Makoto: Hey, watch it, smartass. I mean who do you think it was got you through puberty? I'd say ya owe me.
      Kyoichi: I don't recall you getting me through much of anything.
      Makoto: Oh, my stomach hurts. Maybe watching through these videos will ease my suffering?
      Kyoichi: Just leave, I'm begging you.

    • Kyoichi: They say that love, even when it's requited, is still love. But I don't think it is. It's not really fair to the other person, and if you aren't careful, you might seem like a stalker. Nothing good will come until you go ahead and talk to her. And even if she does turn you down, there are other girls out there. At some point, you're just gonna have to go ahead and do it.
      Takuya: Wow. So I guess that's how you've been doing it.
      Kyoichi: Huh?
      Takuya: You know, you really are amazing, Kyoichi. You're just so mature. Any girl who would let you go must be out of her mind.
      Kyoichi: Uh.
      (black-and-white flashbacks of time spent with Chiharu)
      Kyoichi: I, uh, don't know about that.

    • (Kyoichi and Takuya have been conversing. Makoto is trying to listen in.)
      Makoto: Dammit, I can barely hear them. What are they talking about?
      Kyoichi: Don't worry. Go with the flow and do what you can.
      Makoto: Do what you can?
      Kyoichi: If you do it, you might see things from a whole new perspective.
      Makoto: See What from a whole new What?!

    • Makoto: (to Kyoichi) Come on, what's the matter with you? I thought you're back to normal, and now you're not making any sense. Let's go watch some dirty videos. What do you say?
      Yoshihiko: You know, I've been thinking about your problem a lot lately, Kyoichi.
      Makoto and Kyoichi: Huh?
      Yoshihiko: Your loneliness, I mean. I know what you're going through. It's almost like, that feeling you get when you look at the sunset, right? It's got nothing to do with girls.
      Kyoichi: You think so?
      Yoshihiko: With or without a girl, you're still gonna feel lonely sometimes. And anyway, loneliness suits a man. Oh, what do I mean. A girl just wouldn't understand. It's a guy thing.
      Makoto: Ah, this is bad. You too, Yoshihiko? Come on, guys, what do you say? Dirty movies?
      Kyoichi: So you're saying that men can get lonely for no reason at all?
      Yoshihiko: It happens a lot at our age. It's just a part of growing up.
      Makoto: Come on! Dirty movies!
      Kyoichi: I guess some sadness is inevitable, life being the way it is.
      Makoto: Who's with me? Dirty movies, okay?
      Yoshihiko: Well, we're all born alone and we die alone. It's all part of being human, right?
      Makoto: (standing and whining) Dirty movies!

    • Kyoichi: From that day on, I never had that dream again, and I stopped feeling lonely too. But, I still wonder why. Why do men desire women? And why do women desire men?

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