Boys Be

Season 1 Episode 12

Promise of a Thousand Years

Aired Unknown Jun 27, 2000 on WOWOW
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Episode Summary

It's nearing the end of the millennium, and the boys and girls are all talking about the rumor that the person you're with at the turn of the century will either be your eternal lover or break up. It seems to be an interesting idea to Makoto and Yumi, and Yoshihiko and Natsue, since they're coupled up. But the relationship between Kyoichi and Chiharu still remains uncertain, and they must decide independently whether or not to attend a local countdown event and possibly see each other.moreless

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    Megan Hollingshead

    Megan Hollingshead

    Sayaka Kanzaki

    Guest Star

    Fumiko Orikasa

    Fumiko Orikasa

    Sayaka Kanzaki

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    Shinpachi Tsuji

    Shinpachi Tsuji

    Takuhito Yoshida

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • One of the montage scenes during the countdown is at night with Aya in Paris near the Eiffel Tower, but New Year's hasn't happened for that time zone yet.

      • Chiharu has a Seiko alarm clock.
        The back of one of Kyoichi's magazines has an ad for Kodak Real Gold 400 film.

    • QUOTES (3)

      • (Episode Theme Quote)
        Kyoichi: All things must come to an end in this world. Everything reaches its natural conclusion. It's inevitable. It's fate.
        (Additional quote at the end of episode.)
        Kyoichi: But, as long as there is night, morning will always come.

      • Natsue: I was just reading about it in a magazine. A millennium change only happens once every thousand years, right?
        Yoshihiko: Yup, that's pretty much how it works.
        Natsue: So I read that if you're with the one that you love when the millennium changes, from that moment 'til the end of time, the two of you will live happily ever after. Don't you think that's beautiful?
        Yoshihiko: Mm-hmm.
        Natsue: Are you not interested in this type of stuff?
        Yoshihiko: It's not that I'm not interested. It's just that rumors like that are kinda d…
        (Yoshihiko notices Natsue looking worried.)
        Yoshihiko: (happy, clenching fist) Yeah! I totally believe in all of that crap!
        Natsue: (smiling) I'm so happy.

      • Chiharu: Hey, Kyoichi, have you heard the rumor going around? Once every thousand years, two people…
        Kyoichi: To hell with rumors.
        (Chiharu reacts surprised.)
        Kyoichi: It's just, I don't believe in all those superstitions.
        Chiharu: Kyoichi?
        Kyoichi: (backing up slowly, then turns and runs) Sorry!
        Chiharu: (reaching futilely) Kyoichi!
        (Chiharu watches Kyoichi run away and stays standing.)
        Chiharu: I'll be waiting for you…

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