Boys Be

Season 1 Episode 13

The End of the Road

Aired Unknown Jul 04, 2000 on WOWOW
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Episode Summary

Kyoichi goes to Hokkaido to try to clear his head, and meets a blonde woman on a Harley, who drives him out to the countryside. He learns to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors and the seasons, as well as dealing with the quirky personality of the woman, whose name turns out also to be Chiharu.moreless

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    Megumi Hayashibara

    Megumi Hayashibara

    Chiharu XXXX

    Guest Star

    Zarah Little

    Zarah Little

    Shoko Sayama

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    Yuka Imai

    Yuka Imai

    Shoko Sayama

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      • (Episode Theme Quote Opener)
        Chiharu R.: Nothing stays the same. Every story has its ending. It's hard to accept sometimes but that's the reality. One season ends, and another begins.

        (Episode Theme Quote Closer)
        Makoto: Once it passes, it'll feel like it went by in a flash.
        Yumi: Someday, you'll look back at it and laugh.
        Yoshihiko: But that feeling. That feeling will never disappear. You'll always carry it deep in your heart.
        Aki: The most important season is the one we're in now. It's our season.
        Chiharu: And with the ending of one season, another new one begins.

      • Kyoichi: That was a really cute wood carving. You made it?
        Chiharu R.: Heheh. No, it's strange, right? A biker chick like me carving all these cute little wooden animals and stuff?
        Kyoichi: No, I don't think it's strange at all.
        Chiharu R.: Oh, wow, you're one of those nice guys, aren't ya?
        Kyoichi: Huh?

      • Chiharu R.: So, how do you like it?
        Kyoichi: Man, the air's so different. It's not as thick as it is back in Tokyo. Even the colors here are different.
        (Chiharu R. sighs with a quick slump.)
        Chiharu R.: Boy, that's a nice calm assessment. Could your description be a little more bland?

      • (Chiharu R. looks sad.)
        Kyoichi: What's the matter?
        Chiharu R.: I just remembered. He was always really good at making carbonara. He made it all the time.
        Kyoichi: Who do you mean?
        Chiharu R.: My boyfriend. If he was still alive, that is.
        Kyoichi: Uhh...of course, I see. Your boyfriend, he...I'm sorry. It's my fault for ordering carbonara.
        (Chiharu R. starts giggling and then bursts out laughing.)
        Chiharu R.: Just kidding.
        Kyoichi: Hey!
        Chiharu R.: Oh, man, you were way too gullible. Mr. Nice Guy. (laughs)
        Kyoichi: That's not funny at all.
        Chiharu R.: Come on, let's eat. Mmm, yummy! Carbonara tastes great after pulling the wool over someone's eyes.

      • Chiharu R.: Would you like a kiss?
        Kyoichi: Sorry, I'm not falling for that a second time.
        (Chiharu R. laughs)
        Chiharu R: Such a nice guy. There's no question. You're definitely one of the good ones.

      • Chiharu R.: Man, I feel good today. (takes off shirt)
        Kyoichi: Uhhh.
        Chiharu R.: How about a dip?
        Kyoichi: Uh.
        (Chiharu R. removes her shorts, leaving only bra and panties on.)
        Kyoichi: (looking away blushing) Uh, I don't know. I didn't bring my swimsuit with me, and it's kind of cold out here.
        (Chiharu R. hangs her shorts on the tree branch.)
        Chiharu R.: (crossing arms) If you're not swimming, then give me a little space.
        Kyoichi: Oh, right. I'm sorry.

      • DJ: Now, this next song, First Love, was written by Kozo Murashita, wasn't it?
        Shoko: That's right. And it was written about 20 years ago. You know, I'd never heard it before. But when I finally did, I was completely in awe. The lyrics are just amazing.
        DJ: It's about a boy who falls in love with a girl on the track team. He watches her from afar but doesn't have the courage to tell her how he feels. This song's all about that love.
        Shoko: Yup!
        DJ: Let's give it a listen, shall we?
        Shoko: (giggles) Okay!
        DJ: Here you go folks. Enjoy. This is First Love.

      • Kyoichi: I get it now.
        Chiharu R.: Huh?
        Kyoichi: He was hiding away in his own little world.
        Chiharu R.: What?
        Kyoichi: He just didn't want to get hurt. I think he was scared of losing his sense of self. I'm glad that I came here.

        Chiharu R.: I'm sure your next sketch will be amazing.
        Kyoichi: Because I'll draw whatever I feel. Although it just might end up being a big mess.
        Chiharu R.: Oh, I don't think that's such a bad thing, I mean, that's just who you are right now.

      • Kyoichi: Hey, I'm home.
        Chiharu: Hey, welcome back.

    • NOTES (5)

      • Full Episode Title
        chapter: NEXT SEASON
        The End of the Road
        "LET IT BE"

      • Opening Theme Song: "Hatsukoi"
        Lyrics by: Kozo Murashita
        Composed/Arranged by: Shingo Kobayashi
        Performed by: Yuka Imai (Star Child Record)

        The opening credits feature each of the six main characters and the names of their corresponding Japanese voice actors. Shoko also gets a picture/credit, a person and DJ get a written credit, and then there's a picture of the blonde woman named Mysterious Woman with voice actor Megumi Hayashibara.

        Ending Theme Song: "Daijoubu"
        Lyrics by: Hiromi Mori
        Composed by: Mayu
        Arranged by: Toru Shigemi
        Performed by: Aki Maeda (Star Child Records)

      • Megan Hollingshead is credited as Karen Thompson.

      • The Boys Be RightStuf DVD Volume 4 has a bonus video track that expands the radio interview with Shoko Sayama and has the full version of Hatsukoi with clips from the show.

        The program is called J-pop Countdown.
        Shoko Sayama is 18 years old, and the current singer of SAIL.
        The Hatsukoi song has reached #3 on the charts and is the first single since she joined.
        Ms. Nobue Tokinaga was the former singer.
        Kozo Murashita wrote the song.

      • DVD Commentary
        The commentary for this episode features director/actors Sam Riegel and Liam O'Brien.

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