Boys Be

Season 1 Episode 3

The Suggestion of Natural Love

Aired Unknown Apr 25, 2000 on WOWOW



  • Quotes

    • Chiharu: (about Yoshihiko's kiss) I'm a little bit jealous of him. And that's what I was thinking about.
      Kyoichi: Huh?
      Chiharu: I wish I was in her shoes. It sounds so romantic. What girl wouldn't want to end up in a situation like that?
      Kyoichi: (darting eyes back and forth in embarrassment) So that's the kind of thing girls so far? (looks at parts of Chiharu's body) Chi-Chiharu…are-are you saying that-that you would want that too?
      Chiharu: Huh? (turns away blushing) Well, yeah, you know, a little bit, sure.
      Kyoichi: Huh?! (falls backwards)