Boys Over Flowers

Season 1 Episode 1

Declaration of War

Aired Unknown Sep 08, 1996 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Episode: 1

Title: "Zenzen Fukoku!", "Declaration of War!"


The first episode opens with Tsukushi at Eitoku Gakuen, a very exclusive private school that all of the rich kids go to. Tsukushi is unhappy being there, and is reminding herself that she only has to withstand two more years of it, and then she will be free. Until this point, Tsukushi has been a quiet student, new at the school, and always trying to stay out of everyone's way. During the day at school, Tsukushi witnesses the bullying of a student by the F4, 4 very rich guys who practically rule the school. The leader of the F4, Doumyouji, is harassing a student who accidentally got some dirt on the cuff of Doumyouji's pants. After threatening the poor student, the F4 rush by Tsukushi, upsetting her dustbin she had been using for her campus cleanup duties. One of the F4, Hanazawa Rui, pauses to pick up the trash bin for Tsukushi. Tsukushi sees the kindness in Rui and begins to think he is different from the others.

Later that day, Tsukushi has a conversation with Makiko-chan, a girl in her class. The two talk about the nature of friendship at their school, and how you never really know who is truly your friend. Because of the violent hazing rituals at the school, it can be hard to trust people who might turn on you. Makiko-chan and Tsukushi vow that they are indeed, friends. Unfortunately a few minutes later Makiko-chan stumbles and falls down some stairs, landing on Doumyouji, who, of course, gets angry. Tsukushi rushes up to defend her friend, and yells right back at Doumyouji. Because of Tsukushi's nerve at daring to stand up to any of the F4, she has made some enemies at the school.

The next day Tsukushi finds a red paper/card hanging in her locker. It was put there by the F4 as a notice of war to the students at the school that Tsukushi is now the target for hazing. And hazing is something the school does very well. Tsukushi is hit with everything from garbage to rotten eggs, and has her desk in class stolen. At one point, a group of boys chase her around the school, corner her and push her to the ground, with what looks like every intention of physically assaulting her. However before they can do much, they are interrupted by Hanazawa Rui, who yells at the guys to get away from Tsukushi. Tsukushi is shocked and very grateful for Rui's help. His show of kindness once again makes Tsukushi's feelings towards him grow. Tsukushi finds herself attracted to Rui, who she discovers has a habit of hanging out on a deserted stairway at the school and playing his violin alone. After talking with her longtime friend Yuki (who goes to a different high school), Tsukushi decides to stand up to the F4. She prepares herself for the next day's hazing, and doesn't let them get away with the crap they threw at her the day before. Then she finds the F4 and slaps them with a red card of her own! "Zenzen fukoku!" she shouts right back at them, declaring war and her resolve to stand up to them and to no longer let them bully her around.

Toys used in the episode: Two toys were introduced in this episode. One was the green voice memo given to Tsukushi by Makiko-chan. The other was the orange decision-maker-question anwserer thing given to Tsukushi by Yuki.

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