Boys Over Flowers

Season 1 Episode 1

Declaration of War

Aired Unknown Sep 08, 1996 on TV Tokyo



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    • Yuki: Let's face it I can't remember a single time when you were able to keep quiet. If someone's in trouble you're always the first to jump in and help.
      Tsukuchi: (thinking) Maybe she's right. I always used to be able to stand up for what was right and what was wrong before I came to this school. So why am I closing my eyes to what's going on around me now. I don't wanna be like that.

    • Yuki: So why do these bullies like to call themselves the F4?
      Tsukuchi: Don't really know. It stand for the Flower Four. Kind of a dumb name for a group of guys don't you think? Kinda girlish.
      Yuki: Maybe it's 'cause they all look as pretty as flowers, and they're filthy rich.
      Tsukuchi: Yeah, well you can't judge people from what they look like. They might look beautiful, but underneath it all, their all yucky and stinky and icky and slimy.
      Yuki: I get the picture.

    • Tsukuchi: You listen to me, Mister Bigshot.
      Doumyouji: Did someone just say something?
      Tsukuchi: For once in your life you're gonna pay attention to what someone else has to say! And that goes for the rest of you creeps as well! (pointing) You act like you own the place! Jut 'cause your fathers are bigshots! Doesn't give you the right to treat us like dirt! So quit pushing us around!

    • Makiko: Can I ask you something. Do you think of me as your friend?
      Tsukuchi: Of course. Why do you need to ask?
      Makiko: When I see things like that guy getting beat up. I start to worry. Like what if that were to happen to me. I mean would any of my friends stop to help me up.

    • Tsukushi: (thinking about Doumyouji's pants) I don't understand what the big problem is. So what if he got a bit of dirt on his pants. And why bother us? We were just doing our job!

    • Tsukushi: (thinking) I want my time at school to be nice and quiet. Peaceful and uneventful. That doesn't seem like too much to ask.

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