Boys Over Flowers

TV Tokyo (ended 1997)


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  • Season 1
    • Neverending
      Episode 51
      Tsukushi has turned away Doumyouji. Time has passed. It is now 3 months late. Things have changed a lot since that day at Doumyouji's mansion. Tsukushi is pretty much left alone at school now. She walks around campus reflecting on the changes.Doumyouji is about to be married!
    • We Shouldn't See Each Other Anymore
      Tsukushi and Tsukasa mother clashes with each other.
    • Their New Relationship
      Tsukushi is amazed that she passed the exchanged student tests.And she is going to be studying aboard in America.Everyone is pleased for her.What about Tsukasa?
    • Study Abroad (?)?!
      Study Abroad (?)?!
      Episode 48
      Tsukushi finds out about the study aboard program and applys for it.Where if you are accepted you can study in America.Will she get accepted?
    • Exchange Student- Shigeru's Ripple! (?)
    • Within the Approaching Hurricane! (?)
      Tsukushi refuse to tell what happened between Rui and Tsukasa.Even remembering seeing Shigeru clinging on Tsukasa.
    • Be Honest, Won't You?
      Tsukushi learns that her father got transfer and an new job.Which is an fisherman.So Tsukushi is living in the apartment by herself.Tsukasa mother is angry that Tsukushi was there.
    • It can't be you!
      It can't be you!
      Episode 44
    • The Heart's Wounds Intensify Feelings
    • Battle?) Double Date
      As Rui kissed Tsukushi.Shiguru begged Tsukasa to kiss her.When he does.Tsukushi becomes jealous! Trying not to think about the kiss that just happened as well.
    • The Beginning of New Days
      While walking home.Tsukushi encounter Shigue who was crying.Telling her what was happening.Than she learns that Tsukasa is going to be with Shigure.What is Tsukushi feeling to all this?
    • The Brink of Love's Withdrawl- Parting of Ways
    • Devil's Triangle
      Devil's Triangle
      Episode 39
    • I Will Train You!
      I Will Train You!
      Episode 38
    • Planned Confrontation!
    • Tsukasa's Mother's Secret Plan
      Tsukasa mother decide to set an plan to seperate Tsukasa and Tsukushi.But what kind of plan does she have to seperate the two?
    • Love's Escape?!
      Love's Escape?!
      Episode 35
    • This girl is important to me!
      After the hospital fiasco, Tsukushi comes to school with a ridiculous haircut. Rui gives her a proper haircut. Tsukasa comes and the, Rui leaves and, Tsukasa invites her to his birthday party. His mother according to his friends is a woman from hell. She says he cannot see her after his pledge that she is the most important woman to him. She gives him her present. What will he do when he finds out it's not an expensive gift?moreless
    • Someday We'll Laugh at This Day
    • Doumyouji... Won't Come?
      While waiting for Junpei,to get her some juice.She has been kidnapped by big mean large looking guys.But who is her kidnapper? Will Doumyouji come and save her or will he not?
    • Shock! The Red Cards Times 2
    • Wanna be Friends?
      Wanna be Friends?
      Episode 30
    • His Warmth
      His Warmth
      Episode 29
    • Tsukushi Goes to Canada!
      Tsukushi,her best friend,Soujirou and Akira rides in an huge plane heading for Vancover,Columbia,British Canada.Apparently Asai and company invited themselves along.While on the trip,Asai and co.sends Tsukushi out in the cold blizzard in searched for her friend......
    • Doumyouji Goes to New York!
    • Our Sleepless Night!
    • Episode 25
      Episode 25
      Jun-pyo asks Yumi to make the lunchbox again, proving that Yumi had taken credit for her lunch.
    • Two Different Kinds of Love
    • Love's Tempest! Banished from School?
    • Episode 24
      Episode 24
      Perhaps feeling it's time to reveal one truth, Mr. Jung leads Jun-hee to the mystery patient's bedside. At the sight of her father, Jun-hee breaks down.
    • Episode 23
      Episode 23
      Jun-pyo tells Jan Di that he'll protect her, but to Jun-pyo's surprise, she says that she does not want to be protected or taken care of.
    • Doumyouji Tsubaki comes home!
      Tsukushi sees Doumyouji and Sakurako on the sidewalk, laughing together. Upset, Tsukushi turns around and walks the other way. As she walks, a car pulls up next to her, and a guy hits on her. Tsukushi yells at him some, but is interrupted by a tall woman with black hair and flashy clothes. She yells at the guy too and messes up his car. The woman seems to like Tsukushi instantly and decides to take Tsukushi home with her.moreless
    • Episode 22
      Episode 22
      Jun-pyo pleads for Jan Di to tell him not to get married.
    • First Date at the Seaside
      Tsukushi rembers the confrontation on the beach at night with Doumyouji. She also remembers Sakurako's reaction to Tsukushi's falling out with Doumyouji. However she tries to stop thinking about it as she gets ready for her first date with Rui. Tsukushi's parents are happy she is dating Hanazawa Rui, who is so rich.moreless
    • The Crime and Punishment of the Kiss
      Tsukasa catches Rui and Tsukushi kissing each other. He tells Tsukushi that he would never speak to her again. How will Tsukushi cope with this.
    • Episode 21
      Episode 21
      Yi-jung is waiting outside for Eun-jae, happy to see her -- until he overhears her phone conversation. From her words, it sounds like a call to a boyfriend.
    • Episode 20
      Episode 20
      At home, Jun-hee thinks back to how her mother interfered in her life, in much the same way she's interfering in Jun-pyo's now.
    • Warm Night of Betrayal
    • Episode 19
      Episode 19
      Woo-bin tries to talk some sense into Yi-jung, who is hell bent on drinking himself into oblivion.
    • The fluttering bird in my heart
    • Can I Hang Around You?
    • Episode 18
      Episode 18
      Jun-pyo starts seeing Jae-Kyung in a different way, like he's seeing her for the first time as a potential friend -- or maybe a kindred spirit.
    • Caught at Last
      Caught at Last
      Episode 17
    • Episode 17
      Episode 17
      Ji-hoo can see how hurt Jan Di is by the kiss, and continues to follow her as she walks around in a daze.
    • Episode 16
      Episode 16
      Jan Di's family hears about Jun-pyo's engagement and asks her dejectedly if it's true.
    • Believe in Me!
      Believe in Me!
      Episode 16
      After finding out Sakurako was the one behind putting the pictures around the school, the whole school tries to beat her up. Will Tsukasa believe her rather than the picture?
    • Episode 15
      Episode 15
      After treating Jan Di in a harsh manner, Mr. Jung prepares everything so that Jun-Pyo can go see her in Seoul. Will he be able to go without Madam Kang finding out?
    • Get Lost!
      Get Lost!
      Episode 15
    • Sakurako's Hidden Secret
      At Sakurako's house, Tsukushi is shocked to meet Thomas, the cute blond foreign guy she danced with (and possibly did more?) with at the dance club the night before. They stare at each other, and finally Thomas says Tsukushi's name. Sakurako asks curiously if the two of them have met before. Tsukushi denies it, but Thomas says they have. Tsukushi looks ready to panic. Thomas reminds Sakurako about the broken teacup lying on the floor, and she goes and cleans up the pieces and then leaves the room to throw them away.moreless
    • Episode 14
      Episode 14
      Jan Di waits to hear the results of F3's meeting with Jun-pyo, and can tell from their expressions that it was not good.
    • Love's swift development
      Tsukushi see's that Tsukasa is still sick.Oddly enough Asai and Co.are being nice to her.Which confuses her of course.Than one night at the bar she meets someone who looks liked Rui.Who is he?
    • Episode 13
      Episode 13
      The F4 guys have moved on to university, while Jan Di has entered her final year of high school. She has not heard from Jun Pyo since he left.
    • Date?! Snow on Mainstreet
      After watching Rui leave for Paris, Tsukasa asks Tsukushi to go out on an date. Then the two found themselves stuck in the elevator. How will they get out?
    • Episode 12
      Episode 12
      Jan Di's father gets taken away by loan sharks, which inevitably forces Jan Di's mother to swallow her pride and beg Madam Kang for help.
    • Love Flies High Over the Clouds
    • Episode 11
      Episode 11
      A note indicates that class has been moved to the science lab. The lab is empty, but Jan Di waits, not noticing that the room is filling with fumes.
    • The woman who threw it all away!
      While attending Shizuka's party, Tsukushi tries to avoid Tsukasa throughout the party. Shizuka makes a shocking announcement; this shocks both her family and friends. She intends to live in France and study law so in becoming a lawyer. How will this make Rui feel about?
    • Episode 10
      Episode 10
      Yi Jung receives a hysterical call from his mother, who is threatening to commit suicide because of his father.
    • Doumyouji Tsukasa Snaps!
      Tsukushi is at the staircase talking with Rui, remembering when she first met him there. Rui remembers too. They talk briefly before they are interrupted by the arrival of Shizuka, who wants Rui to accompany her to her work that evening. Rui agrees. Shizuka also invites Tsukushi to her birthday party in a few days, saying that she has not invited anyone else from Tsukushi's class to the party, so there is no need for Tsukushi to worry about being embarrassed again. Tsukushi agrees to attend.moreless
    • Episode 9
      Episode 9
      Yi-jung receives a hysterical call from his mother threatening to commit suicide because of his father.
    • Episode 8
      Episode 8
      Jan Di rushes to the hospital after hearing that Jun Pyo had been in an accident.
    • Nightmare of the New Semester
    • Episode 7
      Episode 7
      Jun Pyo plans to evict his best friend and Jan Di out of Shinhwa High School -- and out of F4.
    • Night of Love in Atami
    • One-night Cinderella
    • Episode 6
      Episode 6
      A psychic predicts that Jan Di will be losing something important.
    • Episode 5
      Episode 5
      Jan Di's bike is set on fire while she is assaulted with water balloons and blasted with a fire extinguisher.
    • Him, Me, and That Guy
      Everyone is in shocked. So is Tsukushi Rui had saved her and Kazuya from their attacker.Tsukasa declares that he and Rui are no longered friends. Shocked, Tsukushi home with an cold and as she decide that she will spend her vacation with Kazuya.Tsukasa plans that they should go...
    • The Ordinary Duo
      The Ordinary Duo
      Episode 4
    • Episode 4
      Episode 4
      Making a sudden decision, Jan Di tells her mother she has to go somewhere and runs off, heading toward Namsan Tower.
    • I won't be hurt!
      I won't be hurt!
      Episode 3
      After learning that she was tricked, Tsukushi tries to figure out if she has feelings for Rui or not. Learning that Rui loves somebody else. Will she be hurt or not?
    • Episode 3
      Episode 3
      Not keen to watch Jan Di dancing with one of his best friends, Jun Pyo leaves the ballroom and ends up taking out his frustrations by the poolside.
    • No Brand Girl!
      No Brand Girl!
      Episode 2
    • Episode 2
      Episode 2
      A scandalous rumor is spread on the Internet that a second-year student at Shinhwa High School, identified as "Miss K," is pregnant.
    • Declaration of War
    • Episode 1
      Episode 1
      Just being rich isn't enough to survive the teen tyranny at Shinhwa -- outsiders or loners are often marked as targets by the bored über-clique F4.
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