Boys Over Flowers

Season 1 Episode 3

I won't be hurt!

Aired Unknown Sep 22, 1996 on TV Tokyo

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  • Tsukushi finds out that Asai and company.They had tricked her and it turns out that they were the one who wrote the nasty thing about her on the board.

    After spilling the drink on them and than leaving them alone.She could not believed that she had been tricked.She was such an fool for that.When she saw Rui on the staircase.Rui asked her about the time in france.While Tsukushi was outside.The evil girls come and show her an magazine of an model name Shinzuka.Who was Rui's first love,and that she was coming back.Rui will never liked her.She seemed to be hurt.Although Tsukasa came to the ruescue by telling the girls,to leave her alone.Only he could picked on her.That they would fine red tags on their locker.Yeah Tsukushi learned an bit about Shinzuka.Even about Rui being an child who never smile.But will she be hurt or not? She doesn't want to show the pain that she feels.This episode was pretty good.I mean she loved Rui.But she has to hide it.