Boys Over Flowers

TV Tokyo (ended 1997)


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  • One girl dealing with an rich private school.

    Mainly about Tsukushi,who is just an normal girl.Her mother and father sends her to an school where all the rich students go.Even though she doesn't want to go do that school.After making an friend she makes an encounter with F-4 who soon gave her the red flag.So its basicly war between F-4 and Tsukushi.But there is romance along the way.It is an endless school year.When Tsukushi has some emenies as well the 3 girls.

    This is an pretty good anime.It should've made an second season of this.
  • Its basicly an story about Tsukushi,who goes to an private school.Where the rich students go.Even though she doesn't want to.She encounter tough bullies known as the F-4.Somewhere along the line this is an declaration of war.

    This anime is one of my favorite.It is an mixture of both romance and comedy.Tsukushi is the one girl to prove it all that she can make it through the school.I loved Tsukushi bravery! She is very brave! She has the courage to face up aganist the F-4.Even taking an risk for her friend.While she receives the red flag for war! I am pretty amazed that she has an pretty smart attitude.Who is always there.At first I thought that it would be Rui and Tsukushi being together from the first episode.But seeing that Rui loved Shinzuka.In the end,she likes Tsukasa.Those two has an love hate relationship going on.This anime is the best thing to me.I just love the story and the manga.
  • humm were to start i havent seen the eps YET but i have read most of the book and i have to say it is one of my FAVORITE show/books!!!!

    Its about a poor girl who is in a love triangle and you dont really no who she is going to end up with because she keeps changing her mind. My favorite part in the book/show is were she is one the boat and she is dressed up and then the lights go out and she kisses onw of the rich guys and then u find out from there that he is falling for her OMG cute!!!

    lol well this is a Great series and i recamend it to everyone!!
    someother books or series are inuyaha!!, hana kimi, Red river, Fushigi yugi and sensual phrase

    Boys over flowers is one of the best anime out there so watch okay!!
  • A cleverly-written shoujo romance show about a poor girl at a rich kid's school and the conflicts that ensue.

    Wow. I haven't been this hooked on a show in quite a while, and I never expected to get so emotionally involved in what seems like a pretty run-of-the-mill plot. Of course, it helps a lot that I highly identify with Tsukushi, having been bullied myself (but unfortunately not by anyone remotely like Tsukasa et al.!), but that only got my foot in the door. What really got its claws sunk into me was the complicated relationships that unfold practically from the first episode and the non-stop tension that keeps me coming back for more. I haven't even seen the end of this series yet (and I'm going to be investing in the manga after that), but I can say that this is going to be one of my all-time favorite animes.