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  • Incorrect Date For This Episode

    This episode could not have aired in June 16, 1946.

    Bozo was created by Alan Livingston for the first Capitol Records "Record Reader" entitled "Bozo At The Circus". The album was first released in the fall of 1946 and contained four 78rpm shellac discs with an attached "full color picture book timed with the records".

    The voice of Bozo was supplied by Vance "Pinto" Colvig, better known now as the original voice of Goofy for the Walt Disney cartoons. Colvig would later make personal appearances as Bozo and would be the first Bozo on telelvision when the "Bozo's Circus" series aired in 1949 locally on Los Angeles' CBS affiliate KTTV.

    Much later, Larry Harmon would buy the telelvision and marketing rights for Bozo from Capitol in 1956, updating the look, ordering the cartoons, and setting up training for the many local Bozos that were licensed to various regional telelvision stations.

    Having not seen this episode, I can\'t give an exact date but it could be that the listing is a typo that should be 1964, not 1946. The last original episode on Chicago's WGN was taped in June 2001.