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Growing up is never easy, and no one is learning that faster than 14-year-old Sharon Spitz, voiced by actress Alicia Silverstone from Clueless. Sharon faces the challenges of adolescence, junior high and high school, and living with a mouth full of metal! Unfortunately, Sharon finds herself dealing with mysterious mishaps caused by her braces. Despite the mayhem that follows in her wake, Sharon always walks away from trouble smiling--with a tin grin, of course! Along for the ride are Sharon's mother and her brothers, Adam and Josh. Sharon's friends at Mary Pickford High include her best friend, Maria Wong; her would-be boyfriend, Alden Jones; the dorky Conner Mackenzie and new friend Alyson. Sharon's nemesis is Nina Harper--the most popular girl at school and Alyson's ex-best friend. In the third season, everybody starts high school.


Rated: TV-Y7

This show is a joint Canada/USA production.

Show Times

USA Show Times Weekdays:

Disney Channel: Monday through Saturday @ 5pm e/p

Disney Channel @ 6:00 PM E/P

Canada Show Times

(Teletoon) Weekdays @ 5:00pm -- Sat & Sun @ 9:00 am & 5:00 pm

Theme Song

Something tells me I've been dreaming Of someone who was never real It seems I've changed a thousand ways I just can't help the way I feel. Braceface! My life is complicated Boyfriend! Don't wanna talk about it Teenage! I'll work it out in the end BRACEFACE!


Sharon Spitz Sharon is the girl who the show is about. She is caring, sensitive, animal lover, Alden lover, vegetarian and more (the list could go on). Her life might be perfect, but she does have her share of problems. Her problems got even worse when she got braces. Her braces seem to do really freaky things at the worst possible times. Nina's nickname for Sharon...BRACEFACE!

Maria Wong Maria is Sharon's best friend and a total sports fanatic. She is always encouraging Sharon to give 100% effort and to do her best. She's aggressive, but she's a lot fun to be around.

Conner Mackenzie Conner is Sharon's other best friend. He is allergic to nearly everything and he always plays it safe. Like Sharon, he's caring and sensitive.

Alden Jones Alden is the guy that both Nina and Sharon are after. But, despite Nina's popularity, he prefers Sharon over her.

Nina Harper Nina is the most popular girl in school, but definitely not the nicest. She and Sharon are worst enemies, but they started out as best friends and they we're best friends until Nina's doll head's were chopped off in the 2nd grade. She blames Sharon even though she didn't do it.

Brock Layton Brock is Alden's best friend. He tries to attract girls by being funny but it usually doesn't work. (Brock's name used to be Buck, but the crew decided to change it.)

Adam Spitz Adam is Sharon's older brother. He's strong. So strong, that he doesn't know his own strength. He's always working out and practicing for some sport. He might come out as a tough guy, but he's really considerate of others and he is especially protective of his younger siblings.

Josh Spitz Sharon/Adam's little brother who is very smart. He loves to practice the Piano.

Mrs. Spitz Sharon's Mother. Hellen is a Doctor/Social Worker, She is always wondering what Sharon's next move will be!

Alyson is now shown in almost all the episodes, her snickering laugh whenever Nina makes a rude comment on Sharon. Though lately it seems Alyson is now apart of Sharon's circle of Friends. And she also stared in the 3nd season Braceface episode: Triangles.

Dion Sharon's Mentor, he is Constantly designing new cloths, he's very Unique and original.

Richard Spitz Having a professional rock drummer for a dad is cool-except that he is on tour all the time.And since her mother and father got divorced, it's been even harder for Sharon to spend time with him. But he is really determined to be the best dad he can. So, he keeps a apartment in Elkford, and isn't on the road so much. Despite the fact that he is always gone, Sharon will always love him, and know that he will be with her-whether on the road or not!


How Many episodes are there in each season?

USA: 3 seasons of 26 episodes each. Canada: 6 seasons of 13 episodes each.

Is Braceface canceled?

Yes, it is. No more episodes. However, for whatever reason, Disney only ordered the first 30 episodes or so, didn't even bother airing have of them, then completely removed Braceface from their schedule, so now the US is out of luck of seeing the newer episodes unless another Network US picks it up.


    October 18, 2005 DVD releases

  • Marnie McPhail

    Marnie McPhail

    Maria Wong (voice)

    Tamara Bernier

    Tamara Bernier

    Helen Spitz (Mom) (voice)

    Stacey Depass

    Stacey Depass

    Sharon Spitz (Season 3+)

    Katie Griffin

    Katie Griffin

    Nina Harper (Voice)

    Peter Oldring

    Peter Oldring

    Conner Mackenzie (voice)

    Dan Petronijevic

    Dan Petronijevic

    Adam Spitz (voice)

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    • Memorable main characters, but overall really dated :/

      I remember watch some episodes of this on Disney Channel back in the day; watching it now, it's a pretty lackluster show. Sharon Spitz (really stupid surname, to be honest) get's braces that are somehow magic and usually get her in trouble. This show is narrated by Sharon who provides exposition and character development to the audience. Where this show show succeeds is with the main characters; Sharon is the teenager with bad luck, who's based on Alicia Silverstone in her early life (both are vegatarians and care deeply about animals). Maria is the tomboy best friend who's willing to help her friends in need, and Conner is the goofy comedy relief who's also very smart and talented in some areas you wouldn't expect. This show also has some clever humor, the jokes working well enough to make you chuckle and smile at best. The animation is acceptional; not top notch quality, but good enough to be considered watchable and appealing to the eyes. What holds this show back is the generic high school and family elements this show centers on. You got the cute boy, the one note students and teachers, the oblivious mother, the mischevious little brother, the jockey big brother (not that they're bad, just nothing special) and the bitch character that gets away with snapping and spitting in everyone's face without consequence who has a unrealistic grudge on the main character from when they were kids that could easily been resolved with simple thinking, but because this show needed a bitch, the writers ignored logic and made her the most hatable character on the show. *Deep breaths* Also, the braces having magic powers is never explained, at all; they're just magic because potatoes. All and all, this isn't a bad show, it's just really dated; despite the main 3 characters being likable and relatable, the humor being clever and the animation being decent, the show still suffers from generic writing, one note side characters, a hatable bitch for an antagonist and magic braces with no explaination. I recommend you check it out for nostalgia purposes, otherwise be grateful the cartoons and shows we have on Disney Channel are much better.moreless
    • One of my favorite old shows!

      Back in the day, I loved this show! I think I was about 12/13 when it was on. Even though I'm 22 now, I still wouldn't mind watching this cartoon once in a while. Bring back some old good times. Too bad its been taken off air. I loved it! Sharon always reminded me a little of myself, and I felt like the show, despite being a cartoon, was still quite realistic. I don't know why they had to take it off. It was interesting, with realistic teen issues, funny, and even a little educational for pre teens. They don't play anything like this today. I miss it.moreless
    • A show way to mature for Disney channel. An appalling show about a stupid teenager who is completely selfish. And at times the show comes out with things I dont find Disney like at all.moreless

      I absolutely HATE this show. I can tell you Braceface shouldn't be apart of the Disney line up. I was horrifid to see one episode in which the character Sharon and her boyfriend throw themselves at each other and Sharon was talking with her brother about working off any kind of physical tension he may have as a boyfriend. In another episode it insinuates Sharon landing in some kind of pornography site on the internet where she sees some woman dressed (or lack there of) as little red riding hood. This is poor taste especially for Disney. MOTHERS BE WARNED!moreless
    • It's not bad

      I think it's pretty good at describing what its like growing up and etc. I too, have braces and etc and I see the resemblence there.

      Sure here and there, there are some weird parts, but otherwise the characters are pretty realistic.

      f.e Sharon has braces and doesnt like them, and she's pretty klutzy.

      In ways she's a lot like me. I'll have to give this a show an 8.5 (at least)
    • I REALLY LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!

      This was my favorite show during the year of 2001-2003 but it is still a classic to me.But my problem is that disney doesnt play my favorite episode "That Was the Worst Date. Period." That was my favorite episode for personal reasons.........anyway this is a great show and very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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