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  • Memorable main characters, but overall really dated :/

    I remember watch some episodes of this on Disney Channel back in the day; watching it now, it's a pretty lackluster show. Sharon Spitz (really stupid surname, to be honest) get's braces that are somehow magic and usually get her in trouble. This show is narrated by Sharon who provides exposition and character development to the audience. Where this show show succeeds is with the main characters; Sharon is the teenager with bad luck, who's based on Alicia Silverstone in her early life (both are vegatarians and care deeply about animals). Maria is the tomboy best friend who's willing to help her friends in need, and Conner is the goofy comedy relief who's also very smart and talented in some areas you wouldn't expect. This show also has some clever humor, the jokes working well enough to make you chuckle and smile at best. The animation is acceptional; not top notch quality, but good enough to be considered watchable and appealing to the eyes. What holds this show back is the generic high school and family elements this show centers on. You got the cute boy, the one note students and teachers, the oblivious mother, the mischevious little brother, the jockey big brother (not that they're bad, just nothing special) and the bitch character that gets away with snapping and spitting in everyone's face without consequence who has a unrealistic grudge on the main character from when they were kids that could easily been resolved with simple thinking, but because this show needed a bitch, the writers ignored logic and made her the most hatable character on the show. *Deep breaths* Also, the braces having magic powers is never explained, at all; they're just magic because potatoes. All and all, this isn't a bad show, it's just really dated; despite the main 3 characters being likable and relatable, the humor being clever and the animation being decent, the show still suffers from generic writing, one note side characters, a hatable bitch for an antagonist and magic braces with no explaination. I recommend you check it out for nostalgia purposes, otherwise be grateful the cartoons and shows we have on Disney Channel are much better.
  • One of my favorite old shows!

    Back in the day, I loved this show! I think I was about 12/13 when it was on. Even though I'm 22 now, I still wouldn't mind watching this cartoon once in a while. Bring back some old good times. Too bad its been taken off air. I loved it! Sharon always reminded me a little of myself, and I felt like the show, despite being a cartoon, was still quite realistic. I don't know why they had to take it off. It was interesting, with realistic teen issues, funny, and even a little educational for pre teens. They don't play anything like this today. I miss it.
  • A show way to mature for Disney channel. An appalling show about a stupid teenager who is completely selfish. And at times the show comes out with things I dont find Disney like at all.

    I absolutely HATE this show. I can tell you Braceface shouldn't be apart of the Disney line up. I was horrifid to see one episode in which the character Sharon and her boyfriend throw themselves at each other and Sharon was talking with her brother about working off any kind of physical tension he may have as a boyfriend. In another episode it insinuates Sharon landing in some kind of pornography site on the internet where she sees some woman dressed (or lack there of) as little red riding hood. This is poor taste especially for Disney. MOTHERS BE WARNED!
  • It's not bad

    I think it's pretty good at describing what its like growing up and etc. I too, have braces and etc and I see the resemblence there.

    Sure here and there, there are some weird parts, but otherwise the characters are pretty realistic.

    f.e Sharon has braces and doesnt like them, and she's pretty klutzy.

    In ways she's a lot like me. I'll have to give this a show an 8.5 (at least)
  • I REALLY LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    This was my favorite show during the year of 2001-2003 but it is still a classic to me.But my problem is that disney doesnt play my favorite episode "That Was the Worst Date. Period." That was my favorite episode for personal reasons.........anyway this is a great show and very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • best show ever!

    WHy THe HECk DId THEy CANCEl BRACEFACe It WAs My FAv SHOw EVEr! I THINk We SHOULd WRITe A LETTEr OVEr ANd OVEr AGAIn To THe COMPANy PEOPLEs UNTIl THEy MAKe THe SHOw AGAIn! even though i was little when it was i can watch it on t.v and it helps me though things and it cheers me up! PEOPLES PLz PUt BRACEFACe BACk On AIr! WHOSe WITh Me?! it was the best show ever! Plz peoples will you plz put braceface back on air if you ever read this! the best show in the world for people that age!
  • Bring it back!

    This show is about a 14 year old girl named Sharon Spitz, her braces, and her friends. She goes through hard times as she grows up and she does not like to be considered 13 and under. This show is (or was) awesome. I loved the show, characters, plot, and the episodes. I will never forget
    this show. I want the show to come back on air and stay on air for a long, long time. The show reminds me of when I was younger every time I think of it. I give this show a perfect 10 out of 10.
  • Sharon,and her awesome braces.

    At first your probaly thinking,''what,a teen cartoon based around braces,boring!'' but this show is pretty good actually. Sharon can act like an annoying little brat,but she's not all bad. Her braces are pretty awesome,not normal ones too! They can open locks,delete phone messages,recieve transmissons and lots more! As well as getting stuck to things,heh. The only thing thats odd that sharon is the only one with braces in her school,that we get to see anyway. Seriously? At her age nearly all the class has braces. I suppose if she wasn't the only one,it wouldn't really fit the name really though.
  • Sharon faces the challenges of adolescence, junior high and high school, and living with a mouth full of metal! Unfortunately, Sharon finds herself dealing with mysterious mishaps caused by her braces. Despite the mayhem, Sharon always walks away.

    This was one of the most hilarious animated series I watched when I was younger and I am sad that it had to end but I guess the series had to come to an end soon or later. It did last at least three years if not more. I guess you try to find it because it is worth watching. I had fun watching television when it was airing. I was glad I was able to watch this series when I could find it on television and I am also glad that this series was made and aired on television because it was fun and great to watch.
  • This was such a great show, where did it go?

    14-year-old Sharon Spitz is a ball of laughter! In a good way! You just fall in love with this character. Brace Face shows Sharon's struggles of finding out who she is, social life in school, building her relationship with her father, and of course living with braces! Sharon's mother is quite an interesting one and her brothers, Adam and Josh are the typical older brothers. Sharon's best friend, Maria Wong is with her through it all, from boy trouble to popular crowds, etc...

    I like how every character has their own quirk and certain characteristic that makes them who they are. All of the characters are created well. The writing is done very well, dialogue is on point, everything about this show is great. I think it was under appreciated and I will always love this show!
  • sharon is very excited to go to high school, but when she gets braces everything changes and she constantly finds herself in awkward and embarrassing situations

    ok if anyone hear thinks that ppl who watched this show were dorks, go ahead and call me a dork b/c i watched and loved this show..i can still kinda relate in some ways..i mean no one ever teased me but i hated my braces..i think i actually got my braces about the same time i started watching this show so it was kinda funny..i kinda laughed at her and she taught me to laugh at myself and not let anything even braces hold u back..i liked this show a whole was really awesome and i feel so much like her..the awkward, embarrassing, clumsy type girl w/ and w/o braces
  • a girl with braces. who knew it could make such a cool show!

    No one can make teenage hood and braces seem more terrible than than Shoron Spitz can. this show was ssooo cool. i love Sharon. however i do feel bad for her because somthing bad always happens to her, but then i remember it's just a show. i really really cool show! i never get tired of this show! i miss it so much, but i'm glad i got the dvds though. thats how much i love this show. i am still keeping show alive in my house. i love how sharon loves alden. it adds some more humer to the show. i love braceface.
  • Braceface is all About an Ordinary 14-year-old Teen Whose Recently got Braces. For Some Reason People Started Acting Differently with her. With the Help of Her Best Friend Maria she Tries to Continue Enjoying her Life.

    Braceface is a Very Realistic Show with a Fascinating Moral. It seemed to have Helped Quite a Few People Getting Used to their Braces, and that Frienship is much more Important than Being Popular. It's very Unfortunate that they Cancelled this Show, it's only been on for Like 5 Years! That way to Little, and I didn't get to see all the Episodes Yet. There's an Interesting thing About this Show, and that's Can it be Considered an Anime? If you Really think About it Each Episode has Parts that Continue from the Previous Episode, and the Drawings aren't Very Different...
  • Kind of like reallife

    Braceface is kind of like reallife like I know your braces chould never make odd things happen to you but this show is like a reallife show it has to deal with high school life parents being devoriced this show should be on tv so kids can know that life is not like the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy or My Gym Teacher is a Monkey I belive this show is not on tv because the stations that do air cartoons think it is to mature like Disney Channel it was on their in the USA but they took it off to air shows like The Buzz on Maggie I rate Braceface a 8.5
  • i loved this show so much!!! how could they do that 2 me!!! grrr! rawr w/ anger be terrified!!!

    kool kool kool kool kool kool kool kool kool kool
    i love this show so much!
    its totally kool & awsome!
    fantastic great!
    a gazillion more kools!
    i miss that show so so so so much!!!!!
    we need 2 protest!
    bring it back!
    they have 2 do wat we want cuz we r the ppl they get money 4rm!!!
    w/o us watching there shows they dont get money!!!
    im so intelligent!
    my deviouse plan!!!
    im sure im not the only 1 that cares this much bout htis show
    i dont know how 2 explan anything esle!
    i feel reatrded cuz im writein a bunch of stuff!!!
    & i think im suppose 2 be write bout the show op
  • BraceFace helped me

    I at the time had braces and in high school It was neat that I had something common too.I didnt feel that weird .I loved this show .It's great because they isn't other shows actually about the main character with braces.So this is a One of a kind show and is one of my favs and It will always be due to what it did.
  • Why the hell did they cancel this show?! I love this show!

    Sharon Spitz was a teenage girl with more problems than most girls her age. She had to deal with fashion emergencies, boy troubles, school, and she also had to deal with the biggest snob-headed slut in school, Nina! Pfft! More like "Meana!"
    Nina and Sharon used to be best friends, but then one day, in the second grade, Nina found that someone had taken the heads off of all her dolls! She completely blamed Sharon for it. Not very nice is it? Now she tries to make Sharon's life a living hell?
    On top of all this crap, Sharon has some very unusual braces. They do all sorts of weird things to her. Wow. She has so much drama in her life, but she at least has her best friends backing her up.
  • I loved this show, why was it canceld?

    The show taught lessons to pre-teens who are probably in the same place as Sharon was. I have to admit, I had been watching the show since it was on ABC family before Disney.

    The show had a wonderful plot. The popular girl Nina had a stupid reason to stop being Sharons friend, I mean, all it was, was her cat came out of the closet and Assumingly Nina thought Sharon tore off her doll's heads.

    But otherwise, this show needs to be put back on air.
  • A cartoon for young teens about a young teen herself who is just trying to grow up.

    What a great show! I miss this show dearly. I used to watch this show every day at 5 on the Family Channel, and I'm an ADULT! This show brought me back to being a kid again, and the common things that we all have to go through being that age. Except, of course, her magic braces. I was watching this show when I had braces on, and I often wished mine would pick up reception from another country or do weird things like hers! Bring this show back!
  • What happened to this show?

    This show was the best thing on ABCFamily, I use to watch it all the time. But now I watch, and I jst can't believe that I use to watch it. The main character takes the drama queen thing to the next level. Most of the time she doesn't even know what the heck she's doing! Her braces makes her do all these crazy things, and she makes it all sound like the world is gonna end.
  • e

    i luv braceface. this is such an awesome show. it rox. sharon spitz is so cool. she may not be the most popular girl in school but no one really is. she tells the true story of what teenagers all over the world go through except her braces cause her so much extra trouble.
  • I'm not the type to vote for animation but this one is an exception...

    I grew up watching this show and it brought back so many memories. I had no idea it ended or was cancelled or whatever. I really missed watching it. I don't remember my favorite episode right now but my most memorable one was when Sharon and Aldern worked at the meat place. It wasn't my favorite episode but I liked it. I really miss that show and it seems so stupid because of my age but I don't care.
  • one word ... WOW

    So this is like such a cool show my god I feel sorry for Sharon and the troble her braces give her. It's a good thing it's not like that in the real world. but anywho I gess the moral is to go throught to the end always speack the truth and went your down u always have good friends. in the end things kind of fix them selfs and they go on better and bigger then befor. I hope this show is around for along time it's worth the 1/2 houre. and pleas cheek around my profile.
    see ya! Inusurvirobin
  • Very Intresting

    A teenage girl going thorugh life with a mouth full of braces. I must say, this is no show i've seen before. It's different than most cartoons. Which is a good thing. It's also a pleasure to watch. Especially the newer episodes. Some of the situations people can actually relate to. When one of your parents starts dating again. Or when you have to learn the hard way that you should be confident about yourself. Or when your enemy likes the same guy you do. Or even diets and best friends. This show can definetly apply to real life.If it wasn't in cartoon form i would definetly call this show a drama one.
  • Teenage challenges are addresse but not in a way everyone will enjoy.

    In this drama series, a teenage girl tries to get through life despite the fact that her braces cause much interference in her school life, family life and situations she gets herself into. The challenges most teenagers would face today are immense and Braceface addresses SOME of these issues making it more appealing to teenagers. All in all, not bad, but it could be a lot better by my standards.
  • The show is about a teenage girl named Sharon. Ever since she got her braces her life has gone down the drain. Her EX-best friend makes fun of her braces and her name. She also goes through some though times with her family and her friends.

    I absolutely love the show brace face. Its about love, comedy, fear and ahem...teenage development... but anyways its like the BEST SHOW EVER! Theres like a love chain in the show
    Sharon + Aldon
    Maria + Brock
    Allison + Conor

    But then Sharon broke up wit Aldon = Sharon-Alden
    Marlow + Aldon
    Then they broke up and Aldon went crawling back to Sharon = Marlow - Aldon = Aldon + Sharon
  • Yet another show about a girl who's strange trying to be normal and get attention. And the braces don't make it original!

    Braceface is a stupid and sad show. About a girl who has braces that mess with her life. When in reality the braces don't even have anything to do with this show!

    The characters are totally stereotyped with the main character, the friends, the popular girl, the love interest and his contact. Seen it all before.

    Braceface is nothing special and I can't even relate to it.
  • A mediocre show that may surprise you.

    I was in the TV room, some time ago, and my five-year old sister was watching this show. I didn't pay a whole lot of attention until they mentioned the Who. Then, they later mentioned the Ramones. This show obviously has a lot of stuff in it that the writers put in knowing the audience won't know what they're talking about. I thought that the show was better than I thought it would be. It wasn't complete crap like 'As Told By Ginger'. Also, some of the themes of the show surprised me. It had some themes that you wouldn't think would be in a children's show and none of them were hidden, they were all straight forward. It thought that adult themes in cartoons left with the '90s. Apparently not.
  • Okay.

    Braceface is an okay show as long as it is a good episode. Sometimes some shows are a little boring. But that\'s my opinion your\'s might be different. It deserves an above average grade because it\'s better than average but it\'s menokere so it\'s an eeh. It\'s a so so show.
  • Braceface is an award winning half-hour animated comedy chronicling the perils of adolescence. Sharon also finds herself dealing with mysterious and embarrassing mishaps caused by her new braces. No one ever said that growing up is easy, and no one is lea

    Braceface cycles the life of 13-year old teenager, Sharon Spitz. While trying to juggle school, boys and bullies like Nina Harper, Sharon is also 100% vegetarian. Each episode details a difficult sitation Sharon has to deal with. In my oppinion, the factors that surround her are caused by none other than her foolish self. She isn't a model citizen to represent, by the least. You would believe this show cycles around childrens lifestyle, but there have been some unseemly teen-rated episodes that could easily be mistaken for children's veiwing. All in all, its a pretty good show for the young adolescence trying to find the instruction manual to life.

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