Season 2 Episode 7

Skin Deep

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Nov 15, 2002 on Disney Channel
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Skin Deep
Sharon's thrilled when Dion asks her to model for him in the school fashion show. However, when Nina makes a few catty remarks to her about how fat she looks, Sharon starts feeling insecure about her body and goes on a crash diet. During rehearsals, she befriends the kind, funny, overweight stage manager, Harrison. But when he asks Sharon out, she invents a boyfriend to get out of it. Sharon passes on Harrison as a boyfriend, which is probably her loss. But Harrison's own self-acceptance inspires her to dump the diet and look at herself in a more forgiving way.moreless

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  • This Braceface episode shows a fine example of how teens can easily get into crazy things like crash diets when they get concerned about their body. Sharon discovers just that as she takes up modeling.moreless

    This is the one episode of Braceface I longed to see for a while. Sharon models with Dion for a school fashion show, only to realize (especially from Nina) that she has some "baby fat". In order for her to fit into Dion's fashion creation, Sharon goes on a potentially dangerous crash diet.

    Maria thinks Sharon has an eating disorder, but Sharon tries convincing her that her dieting to model wouldn't be so bad. But Sharon finds out herself when she faints during her modeling for the show. It is Harison who shows Sharon that there are many people with different bodies. That's how Sharon gives up on her diet and starts to like the way she looks.

    This episode is partially educational because it can show young teen girls, as well as guys, all about the effects of crash diets and not eating properly. I also recommend with this Braceface episode one from Lizzie McGuire which has a similar plot--"Inner Beauty".moreless
  • A fine example of why girls shouldn\'t starve themselves.

    This episode has to be one of my favorites. I mean, it was a good example for girls to just go with the way they look. Nina being the B**** she is is all \"Sharon you still have baby Fat\" Oh, come on Nina, who cares? Go on with your own lame life and leave Sharon alone. Sharon shouldn\'t be letting Ninia pick on her, I mean, Nina\'s the one who dyed her hair, and Sharon\'s the one with braces. Who is more pathetic? YOU decide.

    Sharon gets caught up in Nina the B****\'s word\'s and goes on a starvation diet. This can show what those actresses do when they think thery\'re too fat. But they are already skinny.

    This episode is a good example to girls to be just happy with their body.moreless
  • Life isn\\\'t easy entering high school! Especially when you have a mouth full of metal! 14-year-old Sharon Spitz is experiencing some of the worst moments in her life, all because of her braces! Anything metal could be broken the minute Sharon\\\'s bracemoreless

    This show is awesome! If u watch it, u will know y it\\\\\\\'s hard 2 grow up. Especially when u have a mouth full of metal! From crushes to evil people in your school, insecurity to friends, everything about growing up and puberty are in this awesome, cool, but weird show!
Marnie McPhail

Marnie McPhail

Maria Wong (voice)

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Daniel DeSanto

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Katie Griffin

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Alicia Silverstone

Sharon Spitz

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Dan Petronijevic

Adam Spitz (voice)

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Peter Oldring

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